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Hi, I am new here.

Hi, I am new here.

Hi, I have just joined this forum. After reading some of the training methods, some worries has blossomed in me.

First, I would like to know if “manual stretches” decreases girth and eliminate the upward curve?
(Personally, I am quite satisfy with my upward curve)

Second, would stopping the exercises reverses the growth?


Hi trace, it is very hard to get rid of curves, so unless you are trying hard to bend against your curve, you will probably see no decrease in your curve (I like my upward curve too :) ). Manual stretches will not decrease girth, because stretching makes new tissue instead of pulling away from the girth you already have. If you mix jelqing with manual stretches, you should see an increase in both length and girth!

Welcome and good luck trace.

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You won’t loose girth and it is very hard to change curvature even if you want to. As far as loosing what you have gained: A maintenance routine will cement the gains and you are good to go.

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Awesome! Thanks a lot of the advices.

Welcome to TP.

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There are lots of advantages to having an upward curve. Do a little searching and you might be surprised by what you will find. That elusive G-spot can be a tricky bastard without a curve helping you along the way. Welcome to T’s Place, and happy gains.

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Welcome to Thunders Place, be prepared to grow, because if there is one thing you can do provided you are willing to play you part in learning and committing yourself to the required you will see things take form. For some of us it may take some time for others it comes along soon however do not give up and take care of business. You already has a fine advantage of an upward curve now put in your bit and grow your desire.

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Thanks, I shall begin with the Newbie Routine and report any new growth :D


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