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Hi, I am new here

Hi, I am new here

I have a 2 3/4 inch flaccid, and about 4.6-4.7 erect.
I don’t know the girth but it is 1 1/3 inches wide flaccid.

Can anyone give me a guideline of a routine I should do based on these statistics?

I never did any of this stuff before.

Welcome! Look at the newbie guidelines in the newbie forum. You will find the newbie routine there also, it’s a good place to start. Spend time reading and getting familiar with everything, too. :)

Start a dialogue! The Gay Role Poll is waiting for your vote! :)

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Welcome to the wonderful world of PE Mole. I hope you have a possitive experience! :up:

I “never did any of this stuff before”, either. :)

Read everything you can before you start. Get a good set of erect bone pressed measurements and seriously consider taking some “before” photos. If you use a cloth tape to measure girth, make sure it’s accurate. (Some aren’t.) Don’t overdo it at first, it’s easy to cause injury until you’ve conditioned yourself. Most of all, don’t be shy about asking questions.

Good luck!


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Good luck
Be consistent, but don’t over do it.



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