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hi guys!

hi guys!

Hi guys , I´ve been coming to this forum for a long time , and when i started PE ( about 2 years ago ) i did it about a month and gained about 2 cm with the newbie routine . I had to stop doing it , because i was drafted for the army , anyway now i got free time again and i´m planning on starting it again. I resuming my quest for a bigger tool at 17 cm length. I want 4 cm more . Can it be done? i hope so with hard work. Don’t know how much girth i got but i´ll post my pictures soon so i can see my evolution as i grow. Thank you guys and happy PEing!

Well hello! Hello. Good to have you back safe and sound. Sure, you can do it, there is a ton of valuable information on effective regimens to follow and lots to inspire you, to keep at it. Good luck.

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