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Hi Guys

Hi Guys

Hi all,

Newbie here, just wanted to introduce myself, where I stand and where I want to be. I’ve done a little PE before, I was a member of a PE paysite but due to the lack of support, I gradually lost motivation after about a month and stopped. But I came across Thundersplace and feel it’s time to get back into it. So, I measured last night and here are my starting stats:

BPSFL: 12cm / 4.7”
NBPSFL: 10cm / 3.9”
BPEL: 17.5cm / 6.9”
NBPEL: 16cm / 6.3”

I hope I got the acronyms right. I have not measured girth as I don’t have a tape measure, but I estimate it at around 3” erect and probably around 1.5-2” flaccid.

Ok, my goals. Having looked at the averages on this site, I’m actually not as small as I first thought, but who wants to be average? Haha.

NBPSFL: 5.5”
BPEL: 8”
NBPEL: 7.5”

Now here’s where I need your help. Are these realistic goals?

Another point. I’ll be going to uni/college in about 3 weeks. Has anyone else had experience practicing PE in a university/college environment? If so, could you let me know how you went about it? I’ll be in my own room, so I’m guessing finding a private hour each day shouldn’t be too difficult. As for warm ups in public bathrooms, well, that’s my main concern.

Also, can someone give me some pointers on how to increase the amount of man-juice I can ejaculate? I mean are there any specific foods/supplements that can help?


There is too much divergence between your BPFSL and BPEL; a 3” girth is also pretty uncommon. Are you sure you have understood the acronyms?

L-arginine is said to augment amount of ejaculation, but could be not safe to take if you are too young. How old are you?

BPFSL - bone-pressed flaccid stretched length, BPEL - bone-pressed erect length, correct?. My flaccid length varies alot but is usually around the 4” mark. Also I measured at what I considered to be my most flaccid and erect length was taken mid way through masturbation, so they are really the extremes. In regards to girth, yeah it’s probably wrong, but I do seem to have a very thin penis. I’m 19 by the way. Would it be worth maybe taking pictures of the 2 states? So a size increase of just under 2 inches between flaccid and erect states is abnormal?

Cheers Bbc, that’s a real interesting read right there.

Your BPFSL cannot exceed your BPEL. This is a law of physics. Something stretched to it’s max cannot be shorter than an inflated length.

Pre-PE 11/11 BPEL 5.9 EG 5.3

Started PE: 3/12 BPEL 6.0 EG 5.6 * Current: BPEL 7.0 EG 5.9 BPSL 7.4 Nut Lgth 2.5" * Goal: BPEL 7.3 EG 6.3 BPSL 8.00

Mind over matter. All of life is transitional.

My BPFSL doesn’t exceed my BPEL. Judging from the rest of your statement, do you mean it the other way around? In that case, when you say ‘stretched to it’s max’, I’m guessing that I’m supposed to stretch it out and measure it it while it’s stretched to that capacity, ie. With me still hanging onto it? In that case I have measured my flaccid lengths wrong and will need to make some adjustments. Thanks for pointing that out.

Here are my new, correctly measured lengths:

BPSFL: 16.5cm/6.5”
BPFL: 11.5cm/4.5”
NBPSFL: 15cm/5.9”
NBPFL: 10.5cm/4.1”

All measured multiple times to ensure they were accurate.
Erect lengths were the same as before.

Originally Posted by need_size

BPEL: 17.5cm / 6.9”
NBPEL: 16cm / 6.3”

Based on the original erect numbers versus the new flaccid stretched numbers, your measurements still aren’t quite right it seems. You will really, really be stretching that thing out there. And again, BPSFL will always be longer than BPEL.

Oh, and an addendum to the question regarding increased semen volume: raw celery. That is all.

Started (6-10-12) BPEL: 7.000", NBPEL: 6.0" EG: not certain

Current (10-20-13) BPEL: 7.75", NBPEL: 6.375", EG: 4.875"

Goal: NBPEL: 7.5", EG: 5.5"

Sorry, I must have read your post wrong. I do get mixed up once in a while. (this is the 2nd time in my life and the first this year)

Pre-PE 11/11 BPEL 5.9 EG 5.3

Started PE: 3/12 BPEL 6.0 EG 5.6 * Current: BPEL 7.0 EG 5.9 BPSL 7.4 Nut Lgth 2.5" * Goal: BPEL 7.3 EG 6.3 BPSL 8.00

Mind over matter. All of life is transitional.

@Bbc I think I need to take some pictures of my member next to the ruler haha. Cause I checked those stats over and over, and that’s what I get. Also: I thought flacid length didn’t necessarily have anything to do with erect length, or am I mistaken? And raw celery? I never would have guessed haha. Suppose that’s my snack of choice from now on. Beats having to take supplements anyway.

@Meta No problem. Happens to the best of us :)

More often than not, if you see an increase in your BPFSL over time, this is a good indicator that BPEL gains should start showing soon after.

Starting Stats 19/05/2012: BPEL: 7.25" MSEG: 5.125"

Current Stats 10/11/2012: BPEL: 8.00" MSEG: 5.25"

Long-term Goal: NBPEL: 8.00" MSEG: 6.00"

I’m from the camp with -venom-. Flaccid stretched length is the most rock solid way to measure. It seems to nearly match my BPEL gains. I wouldn’t worry about having pre & post heat when in the public restrooms. I do jelqing dry and without heat at almost every piss break. I can usually squeeze out 50-100 reps per trip. (It adds up)

Good luck with PE. :)

Pre-PE 11/11 BPEL 5.9 EG 5.3

Started PE: 3/12 BPEL 6.0 EG 5.6 * Current: BPEL 7.0 EG 5.9 BPSL 7.4 Nut Lgth 2.5" * Goal: BPEL 7.3 EG 6.3 BPSL 8.00

Mind over matter. All of life is transitional.

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