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Hi guys new to the board

Hi guys new to the board

Hi there
First of all this is an amazing site, sooo much information and helpful people.
I think I spent 5 hours reading through all the post yesterday.
It’s good to see people like you guys helping each other out!

I’m 27 years old and the last 3 years I’m experiencing some form of ed.
My erections are @ 70% and not as solid as they used to be.
First I thought it was my lifestyle (smoking, drugs, alcohol) which I still think has something to do with it but I also think it’s mentally. I always wanted a bigger weener (although my size is everage) so anxiety before sex kills my erection. Two months ago I met this amazing girl. Everything just clicked you know but when it came to the deed I got nervous. Is it big enough for her etc. Now we’ve broken up mainly due my lack of getting a good erection. She had a boyfriend for 5 years and she told me sex is very important to her (as it is for me) but she’s having a hard time herself with her study and stuff so she couldn’t handle my “problem” too.
That made me very sad because if I performed normally we would have an awesome time.
We’re still friends but everythime I see her it’s like @!&*!@ why!!

Anyway because of this I’m changing my lifestyle and ”m gonna start doing the newbie routine tomorrow.
I’m using zyban now to quit smoking (can’t handle cold turkey right now) and on 2nd of Januari I’m gonna quit the nasty habit. I’m also giving up on drugs (marihuana, xtc, coke) not that I’m doing it on a daily base but the last couple of months it’s definitely on a weekly base which isn’t a good thing.
I started working out again last week and it felt great. It’s good to feel the pump again.
I also ordered the sizegenetics system (without the pills offcourse) but after reading numerous post about the
"Noose” I decided to cancel my order and I think I’m gonna try the AutoADS system.
Since I have a deskjob that’s probably te only system that I could wear for 5 hours or so.
Could I start using the AutoADS right away or is it better to get used to the manual exercises first?

Thanks in advance!

Well I’m glad I found this place I’ll keep you guys posted.



Hi and welcome.

Good to hear that you’ve been reading (always helpful, and a nice surprise too!), also glad to hear about you quitting smoking and drugs, and getting back in the gym!

You can use the AutoADS straight away if you so wish, although common advice for newbies is “you don’t need to buy anything to gain”. Its true, you don’t. But if you are going to buy one anyway, the best thing to do would be to do the newbie routine in the morning, and then the AutoADS for the following few hours (or the rest of the day, if you can manage it). As with any ADS though, be sure you are able to regularly check that circulation is not being cut, or you could end up in serious trouble.

As for your weak erections, this will be helped by kegels. Once you’ve been doing kegels as per the newbie routine, you may want to look at this thread - A good kegel routine to try it contains a more “advanced” kegel routine, that has helped several guys.

Other than that good luck! :)

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How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

Thanks for the quick reply slack!
Nice info on the kegs, will give them a try after I’m accustomed to the newbie routine.

Have a good day!

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