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Hi guys new member here

Hi guys new member here

Hi guys

Just signed up today and though id say hello already had a quick look through the site and read a few threads and apart from the odd comment now and again everyone seems to be very helpful and friendly which is great.

Anyway ill tell you a little about me, I’m 21 and from the UK and currently on a plumbing apprenticeship I’m a pritty easy going guy and have a lovely girlfriend called karly now I’ve not told her I’m doing this and as far as I no she doesn’t have a problem with my size which is ok, but I feel things could be a lot better if I was a little bigger and hopefully a nice surprise for her. Now I’m not stupid and I clearly no size of the penis really doesn’t make all that much dif when having sex given that you no what yr doing but if it makes me feel better about my self and gives me a lot more confidence then I’m willing to put in the time.

My current size at the moment when fully erect is 5” in lengh and note sure on girth think it’s around 4.5 my target is to hit 6-6.5” and if I achive it ill probs got to 7” don’t really want it too big. Not sure on the girth but would be nice if that would increase too. Now I’m going to start the newbie workout today and probs stick with that for about 3-5 week increasing slightly as I go.
Theres just one problem I have and I’m sure quite a few of you guys have also, which is when I touch my penis it almost instantly gets erect, is it ok to do these work outs when full erec or do I need it to be slightly flacid to prevent damage?

Well thats all I have to say for now and when I get into it and start to see some gains ill probs post my pics/results up here.

Hi there UniversalDave and welcome to Thunders.

You will find many useful hints, tips and suggestions here, and the first one that I wish to share is we don’t allow chat speak. Some of us get really anal retentive when it comes to the proper use of the English language. As in capital letters (I’ll not ill), we tend to spell words completely out, as in erection and probably etc.

And NO it is not ok to do these exercises fully erect, bad bad bad. Your penis will learn the difference between work and play but it has to be taught. Do a lot of reading before jumping right into the exercises, and then follow the newbie routine to the freaking letter for a while. Injuries are easier prevented than healed.

The newbie routine: START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Sorry about the chat speak kind of use to typing like that, crazzy thing is use to get slapped in college for doing the same thing. Anyway thanks for the advise and ill be sure to do plenty of reading befor jumping into it.

Welcome to PE UniversalDave. Good luck with your goals and gains. Be patience and realize each of us gain differently and at our own rate and time.


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