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Hi guys, first post.

Hi guys, first post.

I have a question, maybe simple (like stupid) maybe logical..

Years ago, I heard of a surgical procedure where lengthening of the penis was achieved by cutting a ligament in the stomach which could lengthen the penis be approximately 2 inches. (Resulting however in an erection that pointed in more of a downward direction)

If traction devices are used, are you stretching the actual shaft and tissue or the ligament or a combination of both?

Also, how do you securely attach to the head without causing damage from restriction or compression resulting in a loss of blood flow?


Well malibog,

You have some serious reading to do here. There is an article in the Article’s Forum about how to search - read it and start searching and reading. And be sure to look in the “Similar Threads” at the bottom of the page, you’ll find interesting things that way.

Short version: you wind up stretching just about everyting. Traction devices with noose/strap attachements result in crappy blood flow. Vacuum attachements don’t.

regards, mgus

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I knew I would be directed to search features and or old posts. I was just hoping for something to scratch the surface.

I’ll begin reading.

Malibog, when ligament surgery is undertaken, the patient has to use traction or stretching in after the operation, to make the penis extend from the body. In this forum we share techniques that work, without surgery. Handling your penis without damaging it is always under discussion. Start with the newbies forum and start getting the skills.

Welcome to the forum!

There are some good threads from guys who have had the surgery (Not always with good results-see 8balls surgery thread).

I think after surgery, there is a tendency for the tissue to retract while healing, and maybe also the ligaments to heal in a shortened state or reattach themselves to restrict the length?

So I think the weights are to help you heal in the elongated state after surgery, but might also have secondary effects of strtching the penis (tunica or whatever).

- 8-Ball's surgery progress picture thread

Horny Bastard

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Hey guys,
I would be deathly afraid of having surgery.
I’ve been looking through some of the posts, and I have not found much on “methods of attachment” for lack of the correct term. Can anyone direct me towards posts related to the various grasping methods/equipment to be attached below the head for stretching with the screw type devices or hanging of weight.

Also, In regards to the vacuum devices, I was wondering how many inch’s of vacuum is needed in order to see results.


Check out the newbie routine, stickied at the top of the newbie forum.

Also check out the tutorials section.

And try using search for specific topics. It is easier to know what to search for after you have read some of the basic stuff.

Horny Bastard

The “method of attachment” I have used is to wrap my hand around my penis just below the head and pull. I have only used manual stretches and jelqing and have had pretty good gains, as you can see on my statistics page. Better to condition yourself (your penis) before you risk potential injury with stretching devices before you finish the newbie routine.

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