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Hi, first post, some advice needed

Hi, first post, some advice needed

I have been doing the newbie routine for 3 weeks now (although I missed 6 days), I know I shouldn’t measure every day but I do cos I’m sexually frustrated, and my ex gave me the worst confidence boost you could imagine, yer you no what she said. I’m 19 and haven’t had sex since, over a year. Not trying to have a big ego but I get lots of attention from girls, many girls now see me as like a gay friend!! Cos I’m so insecure with my cock, my insecurity is probably down to ” girls expect a lot from me” I am a very confident and outgoing person (on the outside anyway).
I don’t feel worth living, although I would never commit suicide. I have been taking depression pills and hard sleeping pills for the last month prescribed by the doctor.

My questions are:

I get a lot of blood blisters on my penis after jelqing or stretching, is this normal?

My penis isn’t hurting much, should it be?

Does doing a kegel before each jelq help, it hurts more as you reach the end, feels like more blood pressure?

My penis is 5 3/4 long from tip to bone at erect length and 4 1/2 girth, my girth looks a bit bigger since I started but this this is just swelling?

I can feel the conditioning happening, the stretches now are hard for me to feel any pain, I really want to get some length and girth now, is there anything I can do to improve this other than this routine?

Thanks, ill be sure to carrying posting here, and I do believe it’s possible for results, but knowing my luck in life, it just won’t happen!

The motto for most exercise programs is no pain no gain, but for PE, if you experience pain, you will get no gain.

Blood blisters are common, but that does not make them right. You are doing your routine with too much force, so back off to a more moderate approach.

Excess force will lead to failure with PE. You have to find the correct level of force to stimulate gains without causing pain or injury. It is a game of finesse, not force. So work on your technique towards those ends.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

First off, the blood blisters are caused from squeezing too hard and/or jelqing with an erection level that is too high. Your best bet is to gain length first. You don’t want to have an erection level of over (around 60%) especially for gaining length, from what I’ve read. Everyone is different, so just because it doesn’t hurt doesn’t mean you aren’t doing unnecessary damage.You want to take it easy at first for sure. Don’t expect to see anything permanent happen over night. Kegels before each jelq seems like a good idea to me, but lay off toward the end there if it hurts. If you are doing the newbie routine it is a great start and you may see some gains right away. If you don’t after a few months, you can slowly try to introduce new things and maybe make some adjustments that are comfortable to you, that might start to work a little better. As for having a 5 3/4” x 4 1/2 inch member, that’s nothing to be concerned about. It’s not huge but you’re definitely average. Most girls will be more than pleased with that. Not much you can do right away about your size, but if you are that concerned and you have plenty of girls around you who are quite interested in you, why not try out some new techniques. It’s not always about the cock for the vast majority of women.

A part of me would rather be hated and thought a cocksucker than be considered an unfuckable, gay best friend. But then the other part of me is just so, so alone; and maybe they’d take me bikini shopping. And maybe I might comfort them after a bastard has dumped them, leaving them in a drunk and vulnerable state. And then maybe it would have been worth the obsessive, unrequited love and myspace picture profile masturbating, and all the drunken sadness inbetween. But anyway, I can sense your impatient eagerness, “.I really want to get some length and girth now, is there anything I can do to improve this other than this routine?”, and I can only say that slow and steady wins the race and leaves your penis without irreversible erectile dysfunction and damage that would haunt you for the rest of your life. You may quote me. Many of us have had to dedicate years. Don’t let it discourage you. (This shit really actually works!) Don’t jump the gun and get into advanced shit. Many would argue that “less is more” and that it’s important to keep on with the bread of butter of PE, stretches and jelqs, and that it can be just as or even more effective than 50lb hanging and three hour clamping.

Thanks for the advice people, ill use less force from now on. The blood blisters seem to disappear the next day, I think the main cause is the v-stretches, I find it hard to keep hold of the end of my penis and stretch at the same time, so I have to keep a tight grip, but as you said, I will lay off with the force and hope for some results.

And as for the “gay friend”, I have learned allot about girls over the passed year, so maybe your thinking, why don’t I get stuck in then? Well I just don’t feel adequate at the moment. But it is good being able to have deep convos with girls, although it’s doing my head in, you gain allot of respect.

Please be careful and do not break your penis.

This has been a pubic safety announcement; thank you.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

To Jack and Buzzard.

Hi Guys and welcome. But just a small point.

Can you break your posts up into paragraphs please. An unending stretch of advice is difficult to follow if we are not able to take a breath occasionally.

And it may mean that some guys just giive up after a while; Which would negate the effort you have put into your posts.



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