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Hi everyone

Hi everyone

Hey everyone, I’ve been a member here for a couple years now, but I’ve mostly been a lurker.

I haven’t been consistent with my PE, but that’s fine, because it wasn’t a focus of mine. I do believe I have made small gains, but nothing like what some guys on here get. I haven’t done any official measuring, but I feel and look a little bigger than before.

However, I am interested in better EQ, so that’s why I’m posting. Lately, I’ve been experiencing decreased EQ after I decided to restart the program. So I took a break for a couple days. I don’t know about night wood, but I’m sure as hell experiencing morning wood. I have good EQ in the morning. However, I’ve tried getting it up during the day and I haven’t been successful. I thought maybe it was a mental thing. I was recently in a relationship and we had sex every day. So I’m pretty sure nothing is wrong biologically. I thought maybe I’ve been looking at too much porn. So I’ve done my best not to look at any porn, even just sexy pictures. I still look at the eye candy around campus though. :) Anyways, the hope is that I can just imagine sex and I’ll get hard. I want to be ready any time, any where. I do get random erections throughout the day, usually when I’m tired. Dunno what that means, but clearly my equipment works.

With my previous partner, I would sometimes go into it hard, other times I would need some more stimulation to get it going, but once I’m going, I’m not really worried. So it seems like to me, that it’s a mental thing. The only other thing I can think of is some other guy on here mentioning that kegels have decreased his EQ? I’m not sure how that would work out.

But basically, I’m kinda stuck. I think it’s the pressure or something, because when I originally hooked up with my ex, I couldn’t get it up the first time. Then later, we were fooling around again, I rubbed my dick on her pussy and that’s all I needed, instant-growth. So, I’m not sure what the deal is. Anyone more experienced on the matter care to chime in?


Break down, build up.

You currently doing any PE?

If not, get on the newbie program and start taking care of your junk— PE isn’t only about Enlargement— it’s about Enhancement.

Think of like working out— you don’t stop going once you can see your abs, you gotta keep it up to keep it up

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No, I’m currently not. I was just beginning again, but I took a look at the positive/negative PI thread and I noticed that a decrease in night/morning wood was considered a negative, so I’ve since stopped until I had an increase in morning wood. Since I’m still not happy with my EQ during the day, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to keep continuing.

Are you suggesting that I continue the routine regardless of an increase/decrease in EQ? If that’s the case, I could try it. I just don’t want to beat my dick into the ground. Maybe I should reassess the pressure I use in my jelqs? Also the stretching seems to decrease my EQ.

Thanks for your quick reply.


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