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Hi everyone

Hi everyone

Hi everyone,

I m new here, and I m thinking to begin my newbie routine just by now. A question:

Is it necessary include kegels exercises after routine or is it possible to do them in another time?

The kegels are always necessary.You can do it after,during or before your routine.Kegels for ever…always.Great rewards are waiting!!!

No hay medidas. Disculpe las molestias I am dick is under construction.

Novatos, Comiencen Aqui

Welcome to Thunders.

The important thing about kegels is just doing them. Doesn’t matter so much when.


Welcome and as said above, just do ‘em. Any where, any time, just do ‘em.

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Welcome to the forum gr8dude, and good luck with the newbie routine.


Thank you 4 welcome.

I did my first workout and it was very relaxing: maybe I was too gentle :-) .

I have problem with erection during jelqing, but I suppose because the beginning.

My size is:

Lenght 5,9

Girth 5,5

What kind of results may I have in 2 months?


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