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Hi everyone.


Wow wanttogrow, sounds like an interesting story that we would all like to hear

Originally Posted by RoomToGrow
Hey avocet, what’s with the pink triangle? I noticed memento has one in his avatar as well. Is it symbolic or coincidental?

I used to have one in my avatar as well.

westla90069 - Public Urinal Pee Resonation

Ever hear the song “pink triangle” by Weezer?

Oh yeah, Jon:

Please give this PE stuff a chance! I am sure you have seen pictures of the girth surgeries, they look very unnatural to me. But, you must give yourself enough time and put in lots of hard work to see the real results.

Within two years of hard work I am sure your could be huge! Maybe sooner if your lucky and dedicated.

Good Luck.

Yeah, the surgery pics is probably the one thing that has actually kept me from doing it so far, that along with the factor that the sites never have any people you can contact that has had the surgery performed and would vouch for it, that in itself has worried me for a long time.

I have been going through this site a lot today and I am really liking what I am reading. I am definitely going to give it sufficient time to work. My wife has been reading it as well, and she re-iterated she is more than happy with my size, but like I told her, it’s a matter of pride and self esteem.

I am going to start out on a Jelqing routine, and likely going to incorporate a pumping session as well, as soon as I buy a pump. Any one got a pump that they have really been satisfied with? Interested in any feedback that you may want to give!

Welcome to Thunders Jonathan! First rule is to take it easy! Dont be too excited about buying other tools for PE before you give manual excercises a chance! I am the poster boy for buying expensive junk that dont work. Give this a try and get your dick conditioned BEFORE you try anything advanced. Take your time and read all you can. No matter what problem or situation you may run into, someone here has had the same problem! This place is awesome and a wealth of information, but the key is to take your time and dont rush into this. Try the newbie routine and experiment with it and find out what works best for you. Good luck!

Jonathan, glad you’ve decided to give natural PE a chance. I started about 6 weeks ago with 6” x 5” (BPEL, midshaft girth). This morning I measured 2/5” (1 cm) gains in erected length. I know my girth also tremendously gained but I don’t happen to find my measuring tape. In a nutshell, this crap truly works !!

I can truly second what stubtoe said: Take it easy in the beginning. I think I overdid it a little in the beginning, feeling all soar and stuff like that. So I cut back on my routine which I think helped me produce my gains. I am currently doing a small variation of the newbie routine with stretching, 400 jelqs and a couple of low intensity squeezes. That really gives me a good work out, just try it.

Besides just gaining, I have steel erections. And I bet, the guy you saw with that 9” something boner can’t match my hardness (and yours in the future). And you will also experience that - after the first few weeks. Morning wood turns into morning steel. So, better pick-up a welding torch at home depot the next time you’ll get there just to get you’re morning steel cut down before you go to work. :-) ))

Furthermore, my girl asks me recently that she feels a little soar after big time and she wonders what the hell I’m doing differently. I’m not doing anything different - f***, I’m just growing !!

Just be persistent with your routine - take it slow in the beginning and ramp-up gradually. Don’t take measurements everyday, I have done my first measurement after 6 weeks !! And yeah, kind of liked the results !!

The guys here really do a tremendous job in supporting you along the way, advice is always available.

I wish you all the best for your PE efforts, hope you grow a 10” x 7 in the next 1 or 2 years and give your Mrs. The multi orgasm experience and have her screaming that you’re “soooooooo big” !!

Just imagine her screaming “Damn, Honey, you’re soooo big, I’m afraid my eyeballs are going to pop-out whenever you stick “Big Mr. Jonathan” in”.Yeah !!


I have a suggestion: You and your wife stop f*cking other people. Maybe I’ve been watching Dr. Phil too much, but I really think you’re playing with fire.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan

I have a suggestion: You and your wife stop f*cking other people. Maybe I’ve been watching Dr. Phil too much, but I really think you’re playing with fire.



Lol, thats probably good advice, modesto, but it’s not advice that I am going to take!

Have you ever been with 2 girls at one time, or just watched and lightly participated? It’s unreal how sensous 2 woman are together! My wife wishes she had started experiementing 6 years ago now. She isnt into letting the other guys participate with her, and I cannot fuck the other girl, but everything else is a go.she has this one friend we just met a few weeks ago, she is a pharmaceutical sales rep, 35 years old, single, and is one sexy bitch! And she loves to eat pussy, says she’s addicted to it, lol.Anyway, we hook up in our hot tub and it’s undescribable fucking my wife from behind while we are both eating Tammy out.It may be playing with fire, but I’m willing to get burned for a long, long time!

Have fun with that. We’ll be looking forward to your next “My wife left me for some bitch” post. :leftie:


Good luck buddy! I can’t say we’re in the same boat because we nearly haven’t nothing in common, except our desire to be bigger. Good luck! :)

Originally Posted by jonanthans
She isnt into letting the other guys participate with her, and I cannot fuck the other girl, but everything else is a go.

That’s how my situation started out: everything but dick penetration. Play your cards right, and that will change though.

Seeing as how I have the “Been there, Done that” t-shirt in this situation, I can definitely relate to ModestoMan’s opinion. This kind of situation is like juggling flaming torches while balancing a five gallon bucket of gas on your head. I had several friends try to talk me out of doing the threesome and my attitude the same as yours. Looking back I have absolutely NO regrets whatsoever. It was a hell of a ride (in more than one way).

With all that being said, here’s my (unsolicited) advice. If you truly love your wife and are committed to staying with her forever, honesty is the key. Be COMPLETELY honest with yourself. If you find yourself fantasizing about you and the other woman alone, it may be time to break it off. If sex with just you and your wife becomes boring or starts to center on someone else, walk away. If you start to feel a change from just physical fucking to emotional lovemaking, run like hell. The whole thing is a dangerous tightrope and has to be closely monitored. One false step (or word or action or suggestion or whatever) and you can fall and cause some serious long lasting damage to your wife’s emotions and your marriage.

Now, if you and your wife aren’t “in love” and the marriage is a take it or leave it situation, disregard the above bullshit and just have fun and bide your time till you can fuck the hell out of the other chick too. :D

Just starting

Hello Everyone

I am new to PEing and I must admit it takes some getting used to. I myself was also thinking about having surgery. I even went to the counseling session. The doctor said that “yeah I will make it real big for you and take away all the extra fat you have on the side”. This scared me.

But I learned that they we’re using a device called the jes extender or the andro device. I was told that you need this to keep the surgical procedure a success. So I figured hey let me find out more about this extender.

Well I did and Have totally thrown out the idea of having surgery. Also saved myself about 10,000 dollars. Also I have begun jelqing according to the newbie routine. I find it easier to do this in the shower. I MUST ADMIT that after jelqing for a couple of days, it seem like thats the way to go if you want to add girth. After I condition myself, I can’t wait to get into more advance techniques. Thanks.


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