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Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone

I joined over the summer and lost my account do to that problem with the server, so here I am again.

Anyways I’m here like everyone else, to get larger and have a happier sex life. I am 21 and have a wonderful girlfriend and we are both in a very happy relationship. We have lots of fun in bed, but I truly believe things can be better. In her past I know that she has been with at least one guy who was pretty big (don’t ask how I know) and I really wan’t to be the best for her in all areas. I am only 5.5” in EL and 5” in EG and I would like to make an improvement there, not only for her, but for the both of us.

So even though she said she was perfectly happy with my size, I know deep down it could be better. I have only been able to make her come here and there, but in my opinion it just doesn’t cut it. I got into talking to her about PEing. She has no problem with it, and I know deep down she would enjoy it more. So all in all, I’m just looking to make things better. Not only is it the feeling of it for the both of us going to be better, but it plays a big psychological factor (in me at least).

I have been PEing for a little bit, on and off for a couple of months. And now I’m actually trying the 62 day coarse from the penis advantage website. It says it’s supposed to help you gain at least one inch. So I’ll be the judge of that and then I’ll let you all know if it really is true.
Again my current specs are:
5.5” in EL
5” in EG

My Goal:
7-8” in EL
6” in EG

Let the the real growing begin!

Welcome and best of luck with your routine.

Originally Posted by laxman91

Let the the real growing begin!

Just love it when I see real motivated and enthusiasted people like me saying those worlds of power to themselves.. The seven thousand miles journey starts with the first step bro, keep at it :)

If it wasn’t for this site, I wouldn’t be as motivated now that I can talk to people who have real experience and results. It’s nice to be able to talk to normal guys all dealing with the same issue, since it’s hard just to go up to a friend you know and bring it up.


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