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Hi Everyone I'm A Newcomer.

Hi Everyone I'm A Newcomer.

Hi everybody, I’ve been a lurker for the past couple of weeks, but now I’m introducing myself, stating my intentions/goals, and planning on becoming more active within the forums.

I’m happy to have found this site, add I’m hoping through the affluence and wealth of information I will garner better penile health and then enlargement to a certain degree. I’ve been taking my time going through the area for newbies and I’m trying to learn as much as possible. My starting stats are as follows: NBPEL=7” or slightly above, EG 5.5” at thickest point(mid to upper shaft). FL=4.2”(this varies a lot throughout the day, and I’m not sure if it is turtling or HF.) FG=4.5” approximately. My short term goal is to rid my member of pain in my left corpora cavernosa. My long term goals are to increase EG until contentment and increase flaccid length and girth.

I’m very excited to begin a newbie routine, but I have a slight pain in my corpora cavernosa, which I will elaborate on when I am granted the privilege of posting in the injury area of the forums.

Thanks for reading everybody and it’s nice to be a part of the community here!

Hi Tommyola, and welcome to Thunder’s Place! :D

Thank you for joining, and for posting, looking forward to your future participation on the forums.

Is the pain related to a PE injury? If yes, I recommend that lay off PE until your penis recovers.

Thank you for the warm welcome, MrB8!

The pain I’m experiencing is not — or at least I think not — related to a PE injury. I have only lightly done a newbie routine twice while I was feeling this discomfort, and I thought the light manual stretches might help. They did not seem to help. I did 5 minutes of hot wrapping, 5 minutes of manual stretches, 10 minutes of jelqs, which were not too intense, and 5 min hot wrap warm downs using a hot washcloth that I warmed repeatedly.

I am thinking it is a result of overuse. My girlfriend recently moved. We went from having a normal amount of sex to seldomly having sex. I think I was masturbating too much the days before I saw her and then we had a marathon session together. I’m thinking that’s what did it. The problem is disconcerting, as I’ve never had an injury to my penis, but I think I might be slightly recovering.

Yesterday, though we maybe shouldn’t have, we had sex and I felt very sore for a few hours after. Later during the evening, I couldn’t really feel any discomfort, whereas the pain normally for the last week or week and a half has been something that has been almost constant. Today I am feeling the discomfort again, but it is not too bad but still bothersome. It started to come on just recently as I was sitting in my computer chair.

In addition, I’m not sure if this is related, but while I’m feeling this pain along my left corpora cavernosa, I feel a pain in the opposite side of my body as well. From what I have researched, I think it is the ilioinguinal nerve(I feel it right to the left of where my tailbone is).

I’m wondering if thinking about it a lot makes it worse, too.
Thanks for reading! I apologize if I have been too long-winded.

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You are welcome, and no need to apologize, we are all here to help one another. :)

I recommend that you do not PE while your penis is injured, hurt or if you are feeling any pain there. You need to let your penis rest and recover.

And when you stretch or Jelq, you should not feel any pain either, pain is not a good sign, not even discomfort. If it hurts stop.

If you have squeezed your penis too tight during masturbation, or pinched it somehow, I recommend that you leave it be until it recovers, and then wait a bit more before you start PE.

I am not a doctor nor have any medical qualifications to address the symptoms you are describing, but if you think its serious, maybe you should have it checked out.

Also over thinking it would make it appear more of a problem to your mind.

Thank you!

Right. That is the plan so far. The only thing I’m thinking of doing with my member is gently massaging it at times. I tried masturbation earlier and it didn’t go so well. The pain that I felt the day before returned and I am still feeling it now to a certain degree after a few hours. This time the pain seems to be a bit more localized more towards the base of the CC. I have noticed that I feel this pain a lot more in my flaccid state than in my erect state. I don’t know why this is.

It may be worth mentioning that I have a curve that points towards the left. It is not extreme, but not is noticeable, so I think my left CC is tighter and maybe already under more stress from that. The curve is light enough that I’ve thought it has come from masturbating with one hand as well as keeping it on one side of my boxer briefs for years. After thinking about this a while back, I switched the side my penis would stay on, started masturbating with the other hand some, and also I would do some slight bends to the right to loosen my left side somewhat. I never did the bending to a point of pain.

So having this localized pain in my left CC, I’m not sure if I should be going to a doctor or not. I’m thinking maybe I’ll take several days off from masturbating and see if it starts to heal.

Taking some time off of masturbation is a good start. If the pain continues, I think you should see a doctor about it.

Hi, how’s going?
Welcome to Thunder’sPlace man.

Rest for a while till your pain completely fade away. PEing over that pain might increase it, or worse. Looks harsh, but the best thing to do is let your penis alone for couple of days, without masturbation or sex. If that’s not a choice because of your girlfriend, it’s ok … your body will heal sooner or later.

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Yes, I think I’ll follow your advice and make sure I don’t masturbate at all for several days, a week, or two weeks if need be. That sounds logical to me. I’m very much hoping, like anyone would, that this issue will sort itself out.

Hey there, Useless, it’s going okay over here. I’m feeling optimistic about recovering for the most part. I hope you’re doing well over there!

It looks like I’ll be able to leave it alone! My girlfriend will be out of town until the weekend. I’m excited to recover and start a very light routine. Thanks again, MrB8, and you as well, Useless. I’ll be back to update too.

You have to understand where your pain is coming from. It could be a stinging vein, a lymph vessel inflammation, or caused by scar tissue (in which case you should notice an unnatural bend). These are just the foremst causes that come to my mind.

Right. I don’t know that I am completely sure I do know where the pain is coming from. To expound just a bit more, my bend looks the same as it has for some years, so hopefully that rules out scar tissue; the feeling of discomfort or light pain feels as if it runs right along the inside of my left corpus cavernosa with the discomfort sometimes more towards the base of the shaft and at others up where the glans are. The discomfort seems, more or less, to come and go too, while persisting the majority of the time.

As far as a stinging vein or lymph vessel inflammation, do you, marinera, or any others have any advice or suggestions on how I could figure out if what you suggested is what is going as opposed to my thinking my left CC has been strained? I have done hours of reading and only found the aforementioned diagnosis by myself. I will certainly do more reading on those things mentioned in the meantime, but any pointers or wisdom is very much appreciated!

Thanks again, everyone!

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