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Hi everyone A quick question about penis health

Hi everyone A quick question about penis health

Greetings to all fellow PE practitioners! I had known about this place and tried a little PE before, but only very recently did I find the resolve to commit time and effort to these exercises. Unfortunately, I have a sort of condition linked to my penis/testicle area, and I wonder if PE could have an adverse effect on it. Let me explain:

For some years now, about 3-4 or so, I’ve felt this sort of pain just above my left testicle whenever I sit more than a few hours, and I noticed that said testicle doesn’t hang as low as the other one, it mostly keeps itself up; “Cancer!” was my first thought, so I made some appointments with specialists and what not, they even took an ultrasound scan of my nether regions: turns out I have some sort of gap between my testicle and my torso (the doctor even jammed his fingers in that area.. Hurt like hell, but he did it on the other side and it only hurt slightly less), and the doc said that my left testicle retracts into said gap, and that is what causes the pain.. So he recommends an operation to place some kind of net to close the gap and keep my testes in place, so I thank him and say I’ll think about it. The pain wasn’t that bad, and the image of an scalpel cutting just above my family jewels didn’t seem at all appealing to me, so I thought I’ll let it slide unless the pain doesn’t recede. Also, the fact that it didn’t hurt when I masturbated, and I did that very often, told me that it wasn’t that big of a problem.. Or at least not yet.

Recently, like a couple years ago, I started exercising like crazy and changed my diet, lost weight, gained some strength, etc. I don’t know if that had anything to do with it, but the pain mostly went away, I had almost forgotten about it. Then, I started going into No Masturbation mode, trying to go as long as I could without self-induced release, and during this period is when I decided to start PE. So I read the forums, watch the videos, learn the exercises and start slow and easy with the newbie routine, almost 3 weeks ago, everything was normal until about middle of last week, when I felt a sort of thug while stretching to the right.. I felt this kind of tendon/muscle/thin line of tissue stretch, it went from the left side of my torso, just above my left testicle, and ran all the way to the base of my penis, it was noticeable while stretching, and it hurt.. Not bad, but I hadn’t felt any discomfort before while doing the PE sessions. I decided to rest a little bit, two days off, to see if that would help. Next session, last Saturday, I think I felt less pain, more like a discomfort, but only during stretches, jelqing and kegels went fine. Since it had been a while, I decided to treat myself and masturbated like crazy, around 3 to 6 times during the weekend. Have just finished my daily PE session, and I felt that stretch again, the pain during the stretches, but it went away after the stretches and I finished the routine normally.

I’m sitting in front of my PC typing this and I feel that strange discomfort I felt all those years ago, slightly less, I think, but I want to know if somebody here has felt something like this before. I realize no amount of advice you can give me will substitute a medical check, but It’ll be nice to know if anyone here suffered from an equal experience and still walked out the bigger man.

Sorry for the lengthy post and thanks in advance for any help you can give.
Happy gains!

Why not get the surgery if it helps stop the pain?

Several reasons:
-Public healthcare in my country is below average; I’ve read, heard and seen how useless our medical “experts” are, I even got to experience their incompetence first hand, when I broke my right pinky.. The imbeciles wrapped my hand too tight, almost got nerve damage.
-Going private would be too expensive, though there are alternatives, or so I understand.
-Pain subsided after my shift in diet and routine, I had almost forgot about it.
-I don’t feel like letting someone with a scalpel get that close to my testicles.

Going to try the newbie routine again in a while, and see if the pain comes back. If it does, off to the doctor I go. I hope it doesn’t come to that, I am actually committed to PE right now, would be a shame if I had to stop it.. But oh well, I’d rather have a small penis than a broken one.

Happy gains.

I’m not a doctor, but my guess if you don’t fill the gap over time a hernia could develope. I don’t think your problem is an issue as far as PE is concerned, though.

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