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Hi back after break! need help!

Hi back after break! need help!

I lost my motivation. All questions if this really work and if it´s worth the time.

My confidence is like zero at the moment, do you guys think PE can help me get a bigger dick and because of that I well get better confidence?

I hope you guys is luckier! ;P


That’s quite a break you got there on your post. :)

Welcome back.

Put it in your mind that you are P.Eing to prevent any future erectile disorder from happening. ;)

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Welcome back killen.

PE will give you a bigger dick, if you have a solid routine and you work consistently. Whether your confidence will increase, is for you to anzwer.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

My Pics

AOM's training log

If you are not satisfied with the size of your penis then I would suggest to you go back to PEing.

When you are PEing.... he sees.

Hey Killen - there’s just one way to find out and you’ve come back to the right place … I took five years off and have come back. Here’s to healthy good growing!

1st START: 11.29.02 -> BPEL: 6.06", EG: 4.63", FL: 3.31", EVol: 10.3 (Quit after 3 weeks.)

2nd START: 12.09.07-> BPEL: 6.25", EG: 4.75", FL: 3.5", EVol: 11.2 (9% increase)

RECENT: 02.03.08 ----> BPEL: 6.44", EG: 5.00", FL: 3.5", EVol: 12.8 (24% increase)

Thanx all! :)

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