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Hi all

Hi all

Erm hi :) I’ve been hovering around the site for about a year, and finally decided to actually give this thing a go.. I’ve been trying the dry jelq for a few days and wow :O it actually feels thicker and firmer straight afterwards! I can see why this becomes such an addiction for some people, as you can actually see the results straight away :P
Unfortunately, it wears off after a while.. Strangely enough, it also wore off when I ‘overdid’ the jelqing last night, but maybe I was doing it wrong or something.

Anyhow, just thought I’d say hi :)

Hey EddC,

Yeah, be careful there. Newbie enthusiasm has gotten a lot of people in trouble. I will agree that dry jelqing is addicting. Don’t worry about the fading gains after the workout. Eventually they will be permanent gains!

Welcome to the world of posters.


I wasn’t overdoing it in one session.. I was pretty proud of the progress made, so I kept dry jelqing at different intervals throughout the day lol :| it didnt do any harm, it’s just the gains suddenly disappeared at the end of the day

Just keep faith, hang in there (no pun intented) for a while and you will reap the rewards. Another thing to keep in mind is if one way you’re doing PE is not getting the results you want girth or length then be safe and try to intelligently try other variations where you actually feel like something is happining, I.e. Stretching your ligs or forcing blood up you’re shaft when jelqing. Also keep doing research on this board and other web sites about penis anatomy and what helps other people gain. Keep the faith!


Bite the bullet and start doing the newbie routine:hot wrap, wet jelq, stretching, etc.

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