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Hi all!

Hi all!

Greetings to all the members of PE forums!!!

For hours on end I`ve been surfing for information about PE but everybody wanted money. I even found a site asuring me to buy $200 pills that without any drills will enlarge my penis. I dont think it`s true.
The most important thing is that I found that site. I`m now happy feeling in the right place at the right time.
Hope that your experience and advices will help me in my efforts to reach a greater size and would ask you for tips for where to start from.

Thank you in advance!


Welcome aboard Dion !

Join us newbies ^^ , take it easy at first. I’m doing PE for 2 weeks, ant getting excited :P, but not pushing too hard.

Do it right and gains will come (I hope ^^ )
I suggest you reading a lot, and then when you go start, taking easy with the nebie routine :)


Welcome aboard

You have come to the right place. Have in mind that nothing worth having is easy to obtain, but with perseverance you will see that everything is possible.


Re: Hi all!

Originally posted by Dion
I even found a site asuring me to buy $200 pills

I am happy you found this place to. If you spend $200 in your total PE career I will be surprised. Get comfortable and get ready to enlarge your cock, you could not have found a better place.

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