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Hi all, new here and got a couple of q's.

Hi all, new here and got a couple of q's.

Hi all. :)

I was wondering if it is safe to do so after a PE session?

Right now I am just starting off with a simple routine and will probably up it a notch or two once I get used to it.

Routine right now:

5 min under warm water (warmup)

5-10 mins stretches

15-20 min wet jelqs (3 second)

5 min stretches.

Would it be okay to do so?

I meant, masterbating.

Yes. Jerking off does not affect your workouts.

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Welcome to Thunders!

Actually that is a good question. Some people say it will affect you - others say it won’t. I personally haven’t noticed any serious problems masturbating after versus waiting.

The one thing I do recommend is not to do a quickie - try to drag it out a little so that your penis gets as much blood in there for as long as possible to help get things circulating normally.

Have fun and make sure you wear safety goggles just in case. :)

-Tom “PE Safety Monitor” Foolery

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The only bad thing I’ve heard about masturbating after PE is the lose of blood is quicker. All you have to do is masturbate then go right back to PE for a few more minutes. Problem solved! :)

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Bag O,

Check here for a great answer to your question.

Sweet. Thanks a lot for your responses guys. :)

Para-Goomba, thanks for the link.

What do you guys think about the routine?

It looks good, except you should probably start with a little less jelqing — 20 minutes is a lot. It’s better to start slow and reduce the risk of injury. Try 10 minutes of jelqing for the first couple of weeks.


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