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Hi all New apprentice here

Hi all New apprentice here

.. Wow first off, good job on this boards, learned tons of stuff I HOPED could be done for my penis so far! (Stayed up 3hours past bedtime, which means lot) ;)
I have formerly lurked around gusty extender sites’ boards, such as fast size and x4 etc.. But tbh, it all seemed to good to be true, and just another fraud’s mechanism, for the many men who desire a little greater penis size. It’s been 2years, all to much time wasted/self esteem bomb age, before I ran into a lucky search on Google and found this AMAZING THUNDERS PLACE.. I’m still a virgin because of my size, and to be honest; I’m very close to go to the states for a operation, even though my work don’t permit it.. (Poor working class job in Italy). But oh well, dunno what else to write/ think I got the baseline of what I wanted to say; AND my writing in English sucks, so hope the boards moderators don’t ban me for “retarded” gram ma! Ha ha :)

Ok, here’s my ideas for training:

(Buying/using an quality extender(point me to the best performance/price one please and most stealthy as I want to use at work 6-12hours a day if the pain don’t get to big))

1)stretch by extender item xxhours day wile work..
2)doing the manual jelq and stuff each day before, and after applying the extender
3)did I miss a step?


My current stats are as follows;

6.2”/15cm BPEL and 5.2”/13cm erect girth

Now my ONE AND ONLY wish is to increase my erect stats, as I immagine flaccid will come along faster and automatic.
My first “goal” is to reach;

7.2”/18cm BPEL and 6”/15cm erect girth

I’m now only figuring, and hopefully with someones help deciding witch device to buy for the daylong stretch! THEN I’M GONNA START!
Any input, adjustments and common tips are very welcome!

Thanks alot for this board and sweet information database!

First off welcome Archon83! Your English is very good.

Some people buy extenders, others don’t. Usually people here tell the beginners not to spend any money until they understand things because it is perfectly possible to make very good gains for free! Most people start out with the “newbie routine”, but if you spent 3 hours searching here I bet you know that :) . If you want to know what people think of extenders you can search the word “extender” or even check out reviews.

Good luck!

Ok thanks alot RandomGiant.. :)

I’m gonna take it calm in the start of course, but I really whant the fastest and best startoff possible. Be it 300euro or for free.. For me gaining penis size can’t be prized high enough (don’t tell the firms) ;)


It’s always a good - if not the best - bet to start off with the Newbie Routine and run with it until you run out of gains. That way, you get to know your penis (believe me, you don’t know your penis until after you’ve put in a few months). And use heat wraps.

regards, mgus

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Ok Ill do that!

I’ve got the cash for extender though, and whant to order a extender before I use those cash on candy lol..

6.2x5.2, your stats aren’t so small Archon83. I say go get your end in as soon as possible. Chances are the person your with will have their own issues to focus on. You will be a God to them. Let me know how it goes.


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Great English Archon83 - wish my Italian were as good.

Good luck with the gain and take it s-l-o-w-l-y!


Welcome to Thunder’s, good luck and happy gains. Your unit is not small at all by the way, get out there and put that sucker to use.

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Ok so using a ADS and jelqing is enough for my needs right? (Listening to the pen etc)

Or do I really need to oil and stuff to?

Thx for welcome btw :)


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