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Hi all first post

Hi all first post

Hey everyone, this is my first post and I would like to say hi to everyone and it’s an honour to be joining you all on your quest :D

I used to lurk on this site about a year ago and followed the newbie routine religiously, I gained just under half an inch after about 7 months of daily jelqing etc. Unfortunately when I started to add some of the more dangerous exercises I damaged my penis badly and have been having a huge break. Somehow I managed to completely stay away from jelqing and at times I totally forgot about it.

I believe that I have healed almost but I still have a few crazy veins which hurt after masturbating sometimes but the time has come to lightly introduce the newbie routine back into my life. I hope I have learnt enough to be able to help out people too, although I haven’t been around for quite a while - I might have missed out on some new exercises or techniques.

My first question is: In the last year, has there been a major exercise listed that I may have missed? Is it still mainly jelqing, manual stretching, hanging and pumping or is there a new special super stretch/twist exercise? Lol.

Thanks guys.

Hi James and welcome to Thunder’s - good luck getting back on the road to PE recovery. As a sidenote, is it really a good idea to be looking up any new ‘major exercises’ after what happened the first time?:p

What did happen exactly the first time?

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HI james,

Take it easy man and good luck!

Welcome and take it easy

Thanks for the welcome guys.

Drilla, lol, I am just curious as to any new discoveries - it doesn’t mean I will try them.. Yet! ;)

Well, basically, I was always very careful which is why I stuck to the newbie routine for a good amount of time, I always used plenty of heat etc. I then decided to add one new exercise and I stupidly chose to clamp and ended up getting incredibly painful areas around certain veins on the shaft of my penis along with unnaturally hard parts along my penis which is too hard to explain.

I don’t completely disagree with clamping, but it can be very dangerous if done too tightly, especially if you aren’t used to it. I also have another problem, I have hairs growing all the way up the shaft of my penis, right up to the tip - which sucks. This was ever since I done manual stretches, for some reason I chose to stretch my dick while my foreskin was over the head and it has pulled the skin up from my balls (which is where the hairs were before). I now have to individually pluck each hair from my dick which is quite painful but oddly enjoyable lol. If I use a razor then it just gets stubbly and hurts my girlfriends mouth and I certainly must not give my girlfriend ANOTHER reason not to put it in her mouth, lol.

Originally Posted by jamessslash
Hey everyone, this is my first post and I would like to say hi to everyone and it’s an honour to be joining you all on your quest :D

Wellcome fellow enlarger! :)

Seems like your dick is sensitive to stresses. You should take it easy and never forget the first rule: “if it hurts more than just a little, stop.” Never get obsessed about PE, and keep going.

Good luck.

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