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HGH, Testosterone, and Exercise for gains

HGH, Testosterone, and Exercise for gains

Hi, I have been lurking for a while and been jelqing and stretching for about two weeks. So during this time I have gone from around 5” bpel to 5.5”. I’m not so sure about girth gains because I am experiencing the baseball effect, but it seems to be between 5.25” and 5”. As far as I know, gaining half an inch in two weeks of casual PE is quite rare, but I am wondering if it is due to hormones.

I am quite young, so naturally my HGH and testosterone should be quite high. To add to my youth hormones, I engage in fairly intense physical training. I try and sprint everyday (shin splints permitting), and it has been proven that sprinting can drastically increase HGH. On top of sprinting, I lift weights at least 3 times a week with moderate intensity. As far as diet goes, I take around 5g of L- Arginine a day for supposed HGH boost, Orange Triad Multivits, Gingseng, and 3000+ cals/day. Also my bf is around 7-10% which may effect blood flow+bpel measuring.

Do you guys think that my lifestyle coupled with my youth is a reason for such fast gains or are these just newb gains? My routine is just stretching in the shower and jelqing for 10-20 mins after.

Ps. Is a 5.5x5.25 penis decent in the real world (the reason I specify real world is because people here have a different perspective on penis sizes)? Apparently the girth is above average but the length is average/below average. I care more about girth since it seems to be what women care about the most though.

Also sorry if I make any grammar mistakes or am unclear. Pretty damn tired today.

You answered your very same question about the size : in the real world, your size is slightly above average, for volume.

I don’t think physical training and related higher hormones can speed gains; that is good for seeing gains, though, because you’ll have a better EQ.

Congrats for gains.

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How old are you? During youth, you’re right in that HGH and Testosterone are responsible for natural growth, but once you pass that phase, it mostly becomes about stretching the ligs and expanding inner tissue for growth (which is obviously harder than sitting back and letting your body grow it).

HGH increases when insulin is low. The top four activities for HGH release is: INTENSE exercise (heavy weights, low reps), sleep (naps included), fasting, and sprinting. Up your weight lifting intensity, lower your meal frequency to 2-3 meals a day, and get a good night sleep and enjoy the HGH boost.

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I can’t recommend high weights low reps enough. I’ve injured my shoulder and have stopped for 6 weeks and have put on 3kg with no other changes. This to me means it affects the way my body operates an awful lot.

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@Mad dog
I don’t go to heavy with chest and shoulders because of shoulder issues, but when I can I like to do weighted pull ups. 25-50 lbs for 8-4 reps, that seemed to help me put on muscle mass the most but it put too much strain on my shoulder. As far as boosting testosterone or HGH, I don’t know.

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