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Hey, I stumbled across this website about a week ago. Although not overly unhappy with my size I thought id give it a go. More through curiosity than anything, although gaining an inch would be a bonus!

My current stats are BPEL: 6.75” and EG: 5.8” (I haven’t quite got the hang of these abbreviations yet so I apologise)

As I said I’m not overly unhappy with my size, but and extra inch would be good, it’s more the flaccid size, being a ‘grower’ it’s not too impressive.

Anyway after looking at this forum over the last few days I can tell your all friendly help full people so, be patient with me as I can be slow at times. :Iws:


Hi wanna and welcome to Thunder’s. The first inch is pretty easy for a lot of folks. With just a little work you could be one of the few 8x6’s on this great earth. Good luck and start tugging.


Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

Cheers. I do have a question though, and I apologise if this is one of those FAQ’s but I don’t think it is. I heard about kegel exercises ages before I visited this forum, not that I took much notice. I’ve only ever heard that’s it good for stopping premature ejaculation. But because this is a PE forum I assume that it help in PE? Is that right or is it just and advisable exercise to do? If so, how does that work?

Thanks WLS

Ah I should have known, thanks for the think though. A month? Wow, hope it works that quick for me too!


Looks like you got some good girth to start with. You’ll be huge in no time!

Whatcha want man watcha need,

Comes to you no stems and seeds.

WLS! Welcome to Thunders. Good luck

Walk slowly but never backwards.

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