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Hello all

Just registered, I’ve enjoyed learning from this site for the last few months. I’ll be reading and researching for some time before I begin a routine. I don’t like educating myself on what I’m doing after I begin! My goals are to maintain harder erections for longer periods of time and gain more control over my ejaculation time. In addition gaining an inch or so wouldn’t hurt either. ;-)

Anyways I’m not going to jump into anything right now I just want to get the anatomy down to a “t” as well as all of the different methods, techniques, results, etc.I would imagine that once I have a long term plan, I’ll do the newb routine for a few months, and then perhaps move into some ads + hanging. Great site guys keep it up.

Why not start the newbie routine while you’re doing the other research?

That is a good attitude and sounds like you will have no problem being dedicated and getting into a routine and such. I highly recommend starting the Newbie Routine in a week or so, as you will be on it for at least a month and a half, and so that will be a lot of time where you can learn and explore the forum. I too read the forum for a bit before starting, but found that I ‘learned’ quicker once I had started the Newbie Routine, as I could better understand what they were talking about regarding exercises, as I had started doing them. Just my opinion. Best of luck buddy!


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Goal: BPEL: 7.000" EG: 6.000" FL: 5.000" FG: 4.750"

Definetily start with the newbie routine, you will condition your penis that way, but also get a more subtle feeling of the excercises and get to know your penis better.

Well a large reason that I’m not starting right now is because my gf and I just got into a new apartment and were settling in, plus our work and exercise routines are in the process of being scheduled. So I’d like for those things to become regimented before I add another routine to my schedule. I’ll have the time, I already know with my approach to bodybuilding I have the dedication, it’s just a matter of intelligent planning. I approach everything I do like this as a student. So I’ll be taking notes and researching thoroughly. I’m in no rush as it is. I’ve been at the size I am now for this long, so not having one bigger tomorrow or even in 6 months isn’t going to change my life. In the end, all I have is time anyways and I have nothing to lose as long as I’m safe about this. I’m already all the man I’ll ever be regardless.

Anyways, I plan on developing a routine with beginner stats with newb routine, and all of the details and logging, et al and posting on them. I’m already looking into purchasing a bib hanger and jes extender, but don’t want to use those things until about ~6 months into a manual plan and a little more of “weighing the risk” (LoL).

So here’s to the mystique and intrigue of having the big cock on the block and working it like a god among men.

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