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Hey starting to get serious few questions

Hey starting to get serious few questions

Anyways due to ppl I know and see very frequently it’s been tough this past maybe year and a half to really get a firm routine going..

Like sometime I would do tow days on one night off for a week then miss a day but have tried to keep up with it as much as possible over the last year and a half

I don’t think I have really made any gains, but should I start getting more serious since I’m not a newbie?. Like should I do the warmup, stretch and longer jelq sessions? (200-250)

Previosly it is usually about 150-175 session with the occasional 200. Also I try to stretch at least 3 times a day and really try to get in 5 if I can for 30 seconds in all 5 directionss

Don’t know what I need to do to improve gains but I am down to try anything..
So any responses would sure be appreciated

Whoa dude, listen to some wise advice.

There are some mods around here who would eat you alive for parts of that post. They get really freaking anal about chat speak and stuff like that. And I don’t want to see you get yelled at, chewed out, or any other possibilities that come to mind. As a suggestion, use spell check before hitting the submit button, it catches lots of things that we take for granted when we talk. Granted it won’t always catch grammar mistakes (tow instead of two) but it will make you read things again.

Beyond that, a steady, consistent routine is necessary to see growth and I somehow get the feeling your routine might not have been real steady. Warm ups in my opinion are crucial to gains, but that is my opinion. Why don’t you post what your routine has been and let the guys check it out and give you other advice.

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Mcm, I have news for you. You ARE still a newbie. NO, you shouldn’t increase your workout intensity. You want gains? DO the newbie routine. Find the time. Be CONSISTENT. It’s as easy at that.
No other way, also. No magic exercise, no magic pill or anything.

Oh and also, don’t use chat talk here, and use punctualities. And read the forum guidelines.

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I’ll tell you the biggest secrets to getting a bigger dick. These are the secrets I know. 1) Heat is vital. 2) CONSISTENCY=gains. Those are the biggest secrets I can tell you. There may be more, but those are the two things which I feel have contributed to my gains. Also the reason I am yelling about consistency is because it’s that important.

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Chicken I love your avatar and signature. :D

And to mcm123, what the guys above said I agree with. Consistancy, maybe less days off. Maybe 6 on 1 off might be better. You don’t need to do a super heavy routine. I do my routine 7 days a week, but have random rest days wherever I feel I need it and on the other days sometimes go a bit easier or harder depending how it feels. So many you should listen to your dick more, and if it needs a rest, take it. If it doesn’t, don’t. There are lots of ideas or suggestions different people could have, but the key thing is what you are doing now isn’t working. Starting from scratch seems like a good idea, and one you have ruled out consistancy as a possible reason for lack of gains then maybe you could look at other things. Like your technique or intensity of the excersises.

Thanks for all the responses and I will start to use the spell-check. So consistency consistency consistency.

So maybe like do the warm-up, stretch(45sec each direction) and 200 jelqs? Maybe 5 days on 2 days off?

Maybe more rest days as needed?

How does that sound, better?

Like they said before. Do the newbie routine. Plain and simple.

But cuban was thinking more along the lines of 6 days on 1 day off.. You think I should just follow the newbie routine and stick with it religiously?

Well you need to find what works for you man. It sounds corny. But yeah, consistancy with the newbie routine is a good base, and listen to your body. Some people over the years have gained alot without any rest days, but with light to moderate workouts. Others have gained on the rest days and believe that the gains occur during the healing of the rest days. You need to experiment a bit if you want to find the best way for you. What jb50 said sums it up. Heating and consistancy seem to be universal factors which help everyone grow. The other factors like how many rest days, how long to do the newbie routine for, dry jelqs or wet jelqs, what type of heating to use, everyone has slight variations. What’s clear right now is what you have done so far hasn’t worked, so maybe it’s consistancy, maybe it’s how you perform the exercises(overworking or underworking your penis).

Best thing would be to try and stick with the newbie routine and read as much as you can on here in the meantime. By reading other people’s experiences it might teach you more about your own. Also at the bottom of the page of each topic, there is some related topics which are older (maybe 5 years old even) but are similar to the one you are reading about, and those old topics can help as well. It’s like catching up on the years of Thunder’s you missed before you ever heard about PE.

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