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hey new to the site but glad to join

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does size truly matter???

yes, size definitely matters


no, size does not always matter


sometimes it matters

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hey new to the site but glad to join

hey people how are you my name is Joe and i just found out about this site two days ago. and in two days my life has changed for the better the way i see it. see i’m black and not to be all racists and all but as you all know black guys are known for having bigger members than anyone else, unfortunately i’m not apart of this group. to be honest i’m 19 and still a virgin and i hate it. before i joined this site i was ashamed of myself because i do have a small member and its hard for a young black where i’m from to admit that to people other than himself. but thanks to a post up from a fellow member (sorry i can’t recall your name) i was able to find a remedy to this tragic uncontrollable cause of misfortune. i have a fiance who lives in california right now and she says that because she loves me she can deal with what i don’t have, but being a man a young black man especially, i don’t want her to have to do that. so i would like to say thank you and its nice to meet you all and i do want to hear from you. so this is my question that i think all men wanna know does size really matter or does how you use it count for something??? and i would like to hear from the women especially on this question.


Welcome to the forum. Check out the Forum Guidelines and try to capitalise appropriately when you post.

The black guy large dick myth is just that, a myth. There may be some truth in more black guys being showers (rather than growers) than other races but in terms of erect size there isn’t a marked difference.

What is your starting size?

Welcome to Thundersplace ruffryder:)

Of all the body parts that women like, it looks as though our penises are number one. Lucky for us:) (that’s not sarcasm!) Your fiance is probably lucky that you’re insecure about your size, as you can grown it and sex can get better and better! Just be VERY patient about getting results and don’t let her know that you feel this way.


welcome to the forum. I think the more you read here you’ll find that size issue varies from woman to woman.

Of course how you use it counts for everything. I think most women would rather have a guy with a small one that can use it than a guy with a big one that can’t.

But a big one that is used well is best.

You can find a lot of info here to help you here, but remember this takes a long time and perseverance.

Good luck.

In most cases, depending on the person, I would say size does not matter in the least bit. Depending on the size of course. One must be realistic.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

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