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Hey new one question.

Hey new one question.

Hey guys, I’ve read all the newbie forums as much as I can and I only have one question I couldn’t find the answer for.. How much gain can you get from the newbie routine and how long before it slows down?


Unfortunately Partyman, there is no answer to that question. How much you gain is anyones guess. I’ll give you my personal experience. I did the newbie routine for just about 2 months. I gained nothing in size. What I did gain was conditioning of my penis…which has lead me to put on a half inch in length and about a quarter inch in girth in the subsequent months.

Generally, people gain in their first couple of months…but not everyone will. My advice is to measure very accurately in the beginning, and then periodically along the way take measurements (say every couple of weeks or so). Stick to the newbie routine for at least a month and do not deviate at all. If you are gaining keep at it, no need to change a thing. If you are not gaining, than its time to up the intensity a bit.

Good luck and welcome.

Alright that answer alot thanks brother!

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