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Hey new member seeking advice.


Hey new member seeking advice.

Thanks for looking at my thread. I’m glad to be here, and this seems like a nice penis growing community haha. Ok so let’s get started with my views/ questions. Please give your advice/ experience.

Ok so I tried jelqing before. I actually paid for some 40 unlimited access forum and routine. But I did the beginner jelq for like 3 days. Lol idk why I stopped. I’m glad I did from what I see here it was more of an advanced routine.

What I want to know is should I use a penis extender? Or start with jelqing?

I want like 2 inches in length at least. And improved erections. I have no problem with my girth. So what do you suggest I start with.

Also I read the linear nooby routine and it said nothing about a lube while jelqing.

Curious to know what’s a good lube, and or if I should lube up..

Let me know anything you got! Thanks so much for your time.

Start with the newbie routine or the linear newbie, if you prefer. Just because it doesn’t talk about lube, doesn’t mean you should use lube. A wet jelq, often shortened to jelq is a lubed jelq. A dry jelq (not generally shortened) is an unlubed jelq. ID Glide is a god lube but people use Vaseline or any number of other lubes. Don’t use the extender. Watch your progress carefully and alter your routine as required.

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Well I’ve read a bit and dry jelqs aren’t good to do said by some. So I want to use lube. I don’t like Vaseline its on the dry side. And um why shouldn’t I use extender? Its probably better I just save money and time huh. Thanks for the help!

Dry jelqs are a fine exercise, they are easy if you are uncut but if you are cut you may find they stretch the skin a little. If you want to experiment with dry jelqs, it’s worth looking at the c-grip (see the video).

Vaseline is a very hard to use lube, imo, and very messy but it does have benefits for the skin. I gave just two examples of lube, there are many.

It’s very easy to try PE without spending much or any money. Extenders tend to cost a lot and won’t necessarily provide benefits for you. There are studies showing benefits from using extenders but I’m not sure the benefits shown approach or exceed those that are possible with the newbie routine and the research is fairly limited. Also, yes, as you point out, most people seem to wear extenders for many hours a day.

You’ll be in a much better position to know what, if any, equipment you need in a few months.

Welcome to the site, btw :)

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Yes. Stick with one of the newbie routines and see what gains you get. This is my first week and I have been doing a lot of stretching and some jelgs all of this in the shower with hot water for the preparation and too keep it warm always in the session. Post pictures of the actual length and girth and later post the gained ones and we shall see. Good luck in the journey of PE.

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Yeah I’m cut so I won’t be doing dry jelqs. I would rather do them but if I do exercise in the shower the water works fine?

I already take showers long enough haha I kind of didn’t want to do it in the shower.

That’s ok though thanks everyone for replies btw.

Yes the water works very fine for the warming to get you started to PE everyday. And also helps with getting you wet and not be dry if a person is going for the jelgs or other kind of exercise that is not dry.

My Starting Pics.

In my experience water makes a terrible lubricant, but that is only my opinion. I personally prefer more heat in my warm up than the shower provides, but it is better than nothing. Personally I rotate between two wash cloths under hot water, every 30 seconds or so for 5-10 minutes. By the end of this my dick is very easy to manipulate, and stretches come easily.

The newbie routine has worked great for me when I did PE a few years ago, and is doing great for me now in terms of EQ. Give it a shot, take it easy at first and you might find that you really enjoy it. I hate taking rest days, I find myself craving a good stretch. But I believe that letting the tissue heal is important.

Best of luck along your journey friend!


Yeah that’s how I did it when I tried for like 3 days. I think that’s the better way.

Hey if I have enough time and money should I buy an extender?
All I want is at least 2 inch in length, and better erections.
Seeing as I got problems in those areas. If I had those my confidence would be much better. And I would be really happy.

What are your length and girth measures? So we can give advice or give opinions to you more effectively.

My Starting Pics.

4.5 inch length I hate it I want 7! If my erections were better prolly 5’

And girths around 5 inch

Okay. I want a 7 inches too man. I have a BP 6. And a girth of 5.25 a little more on a good day. I recommend you too stretch so you can make it if 4.5 is you BP. And jelgs for the girth. I’m not specialist in jelgs as I do not do them a lot. What I do more is stretchings in all directions so I can get my 7 inches. For the girth I want like 0.5 more. What you need is patience and it will all come true. And if you want you can take L-Arginine for the erections if you think you want and need it. I bought a bottle today of those and will start taking them and I will see if the give me better erections and force and for the lifts as I have started to lose weight so I can get out my 3 cm of penis I have in the fat pad hidden. Good luck my friend. Stay in contact.

My Starting Pics.

Hey can I do manual stretches and gain erection quality?

Btw I looked at your starter pics tenbris and I must be measuring wrong..

I’m gonna look more threw forums y’all much love! Let’s get bigger dicks!

You have to measure your bone pressed length and girth with a string or as I did. Then you write it down and decide you goals. Btw if you have some over weight then you should exercise and get out your hidden penis length. Like I’m doing because I have a 3 cm of penis. Until now without the BP its a 5 inches but when I BP is a 6 more or less. And Yeah lets get Big Dicks!

Dia 1/Day 1- 15 mayo/May 2013- 15 cm X 13 cm. Ahora/Now- 16cm X 13.7cm.

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Okay thanks I’ll measure my BP later. And my girth. I’ve never measured girth. Or BP
I can’t wait to get started with stretches.

Does anyone know if stretches will encourage more blood flow for erection hardness

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