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Hey, Just Starting And Need Help

Hey, Just Starting And Need Help

Hello! I am a 20 year old 5’7” Mexican American (That’s probably irrelevant). I am here because I had been reading about PE for quite some time now and it peaked my curiosity. As you may know I am not happy with my size, I am 7 inches erect with a girth of 4.5. Yeah I’m embarrassed of it especially when the base of my penis is thinner than my shaft, and I know 7 inches is a pretty good length but my girth has me completely shot down :( .
Today is the day I officially begin my journey with PE and I just wanted to ask some questions. I would very much appreciate long information and short info works as well.

1. Well as you may have read, I’m embarrassed of my girth and I’d like to know what is the most effective way to increase girth, is it through jelqing only?

2. I’d like to make sure but does jelqing only decrease one’s erection length?

3. How many times a week should I jelq, I want to start a routine of 2 days on and 1 day off but would I have to do that consecutively?

4. May I ask for someone else’s experience in jelqing, has there been any problems with erection quality. I have yet to officially try jelqing but I just want to know how I should start exactly.

5. How do I actually measure the length of my penis, they say use a ruler or tape measure and press against the fat pad until you hit the pelvic bone. I most likely measured wrong.

Anyone’s feedback helps, I’m also looking for friends to chat with about the journey I am taking (would be cool).

Welcome to thundersplace. This is in my opinion the best site for penis enlargement out there. Listen to the ones who give advice. They want stear you wrong. Good luck with pe you have a great starting size. Just remember this does not happen over night and consistency is key.

GunGraveTrigun, Welcome to the forum. Virtually all of your questions can be answered here in the forums, so get used to reading a lot! :)
Jelqs are really the backbone of any successful PE program That’s been proven over the years. With that in mind, Lower erection level jelqs(40%-50%) will target length, while a little higher erection (60% or so) level will focus on girth. Whatever you do, go slowly and cautiously and learn as much as you can about techniques, anatomy, Positive Indicators, (PIs) etc.

If your EQ suffers, it almost always means you’re overdoing something. It may take a while to find your “sweet spot” which is why we recommend starting slowly and gradually ramping it up rather to starting too vigorously, getting injured or losing EQ and having to slow down or even stop to let an injury heal.

Hard ruler, bone pressed for length, tailors tape or string for girth. By the way, your length is well above average. Congrats on that.

Good luck on your journey and stay in touch.

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