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Hey,just started

Hey,just started

been lurking here for about two weeks and just thought id post.i started PE on the 30th of april measuring 6in erect nbpl 5in girth.would like to reach 7 or 8in length and any gain in girth is fine,not really interested in gaining there as much.anyways im gonna try and be regular here so hello everyone:D


First thing before the spelling and grammer nazis get to you. Take a look at the forum guidlines on Starting sentences with capital letters. Makes the non-english speakers have a much easier time reading.

You have decent size to start with. Anything is possible. Perhaps you might be interested in our mentor program. Vets will help craft a good program for you.

Are you willing to hang? Can you devote time to hanging? What is your budget constraints if you want ed a production hanger or cared to make your own using blue prints right here.

Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks and have a great day. TT

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Hey,thanks for the reply.Yeah i read the forum guidelines but accidently went ahead and used lower case Its just a habit of mine on the net.Takes a bit of thought for me not to do,ouch.haha

Anyways,i would prefer to not do any hanging(not very well educated on it,but i have heard horror stories?).I think id be interested in the mentor program,possibly.maybe someone can pm me with more info or something?Thanks again for the reply

Spelling/Grammar Nazi here. Keep at it, you will improve with time. The easier your posts are to read, the more likely you will get some decent answers/input.

Welcome to the forum. Here is a link to the mentor program.

Mentoree App

Oh and by the way, when you get a chance, read the Hanger’s Forum for some enlightenment. Those horror stories are 99.99% bullshit put online by paysite owners to get guys to buy their programs. If you have surgery, guess what the doc has you doing after the surgery?

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Yeah,i read through some stuff on the forum while i was lurking and do remember reading something about how docs have you hanging after surgery.Sure does sound dangerous,but i guess thats how one can be preprogrammed to believe something that really has no weight at all.I will definitely read through the hangers forum when i got the time.Thanks for the link to the mentor program,ill check it out also.Again,sorry about the capitalization stuff.I still had to go through this post and edit it before i posted cause i just seem to always Anyways,thanks for the welcome and all the info,i appreciate it.:)

ne081 - I’m afraid I have to also play bad cop here. Please put a space between sentences. It makes easier reading for everyone. When the letter “i” is used as a personal pronoun it should be capitalized. We do have an international membership here and anything native English speakers can do to write correctly not only helps them in understanding what is said, it also provides them with proper examples for further learning of this difficult language.

This isn’t a chat room. We are not under any pressure to fly through a sentence using abbreviations and shortcuts before the next guy responds. Many newcomers here do the same thing you’re doing. Please don’t take these minor “corrections” personally.

Your goals are reasonable. Read the Newbie Forum and set up a plan and you’ll start seeing those gains soon.

lol Not only will one achieve a larger penis by becoming an active member here,they will also clean up their grammar. haha

Westla90069-Again sorry about that.Its actually hard for me to come out of my usual laziness in my grammar on the net.Im aware of it now though so lets see if i can control myself.haha

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