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Hey I'm new here.

Hey I'm new here.

Hey everyone! I think I wanna start out by saying that I never had any past experience with PE before.I been reading the alittle bit of stuff from about jelqing and LOT. It took me a while to figure out what it meant and all. I tried it and found that my LOT was really close to 6 maybe 6:30 or 7.that sucks..

I was wondering if anyone could lead me to a good routine for low LOTs. And also if theres a place to go to learn all the terms that are being used here. BC EG and all that..

I think I’m starting out at like.slightly less than 6 or at 6, I guess ill need to figure that one out later XD anyways.this is pretty interesting, I was curious about PE but never really thought about actually looking it up and reading about it before.

The newbie routine is the best routine to start, also with a low LOT. LOT it a theory, don’t let it fuck up your PE routine.

Good luck at reaching your gains and welcome to thunders.

Hi shrimpster,welcome to Thunders good luck.

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