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Hey guys

Hey guys

Hello, I’m new here .. I have a question to made before I start my PE’s ..

My stats currently are:

5.8” girth
5.9” Lenght

Both in errect state.

Now I’m pretty confident about my girth, so I actually don’t need more girth. It’s fat enough in my opinion. I would like to know how to gain LENGTH the fastest way, mostly aimed on the lenghtening ..

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance !


Newbie routine, or just stretch.

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Thanks guys, preciated ! ;)

Ok here is what you should do. Make your routine 3 days on 1 off. Start by warm wrap for 5 to 10 mins. This is the stretching method I used and it works good I think. Stretch your penis straight up for 5 mins.every minute pulling a little harder. Then relax a minute swinging you penis around to get blood circulating. Repeat this step 4 more time except pull in the other directions, up down, left, right. 5 mins each, and 1 min break between streches.

Warm wrap again for 5 mins.

Wet jelqel for 10 mins (first week PEer’s) 15 mins, 2nd week, 20 mins, 3rd week, and 25 mins after a month.

After Jelqing, let your penis go soft again, and for a minute give the penis a firm tug straight out once every ten seconds, 10 tugs total.Warm wrap for 10 mins. Hope this is usefull, it is an excellent routine and it workedf for me. I’m sure you will get length gains from it. Good luck

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