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Hey guys

Hey guys

I decided, as of the 15th May 2010 to give this a proper try..

Decided it’s time to improve my self-esteem in the gonads department though apparently I’m average..

I’ve recently adopted a “lets try everything” and a “give it time” approach to life, so I go to the gym, experiment generally with everything nutrition/supplement based and I think this qualifies as something else long term to dedicate some time to!

I sortve dabbled in it about 9 months ago.. But moving house and things stopped me doing it..
Now I wonder what I could be if I hadn’t stopped..

I’m doing the newbie routine, but am finding it hard to stretch effectively, any tips?
I can get “ligament pops” with a BTC stretch only.. But I never feel I get a “good stretch” or one I can feel anyway.

The best thing for me would to be able to PE hands free (predominantly) with short hands on sessions afterwards..
I was considering making a homemade pump? With jelqing and massages afterwards to cement any length/girth gains.
But the reliability of permanent pumping gains seems to be a grey area? (More so than PE in general? Though reading the forum is encouraging!)

I can buy innocent things from amazon UK so if a housemate was to find one I could invent some excuses.. And I don’t want any overseas customs issues either..

Let me know what you think!

Hope to hear from you!

What do you mean with ‘stretching effectively’? Lig-pops shouldn’t be a goal, by the way.

Best description of how to stretch is here, IMHO:
Length Gains

read Firegoat’ post.

Stretching was awkward for me at first, you will get used to it.

marinera is right - you do not need to have lig pops. That is not the point of the exercise.

Also — do the newbie routine for at least 3 months before you even think about machines (pumps, stretching devices, etc). Newbie will give you lots of knowledge of your penis. You need that knowledge before you use devices, other wise it is easy to hurt yourself. Besides that some people just use the newbie routine forever and get excellent gains.

Thanks for the link and advice! Very informative.

In a few months ill try making a pump, but ill leave it for now


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