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Hey guys

Hey guys

So I started jelqing seriously two weeks ago, and it was going well. My dick started feeling more sensitive and I started getting more boners, so I thought I could jelq more seriously. After one workout, I noticed that my dick stopped being all sensitive and it took longer to get an erection. This always worries me because I used to jelq improperly before, and I made my dick really insensitive at one point. It felt like I was doing the jelqing correctly this time, but who knows I might have pushed it again. Has anyone ever experienced this?

Stop everything for two weeks at least! Let your dick recover , then it should be OK to get erections and you can start Pe-ing again.

I guess you have learned the lesson that going too hard at it is bad. So patience and regular exercising will bring gains more swiftly.

I know it’s annoying to have to stop but these things happen in all sports and exercisng ,and the best remedy for mild sprains is rest.

Good luck


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Thanks guys. I’m not really worried about this at all since I’ve experienced the bulk of my worries of when I initially injured myself. It seems like the threshold between doing too much and not doing enough is a really small gap. I think I’ve found my breaking point (pun intended) now. Technique is really hard sometimes (trying to do the technique properly without injuring the dorsal nerve or injuring the glans), and even if I’ve done it properly, doing too much should be gauged extra sensitively next time.

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