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Hey guys, new member here with a couple of questions.

Hey guys, new member here with a couple of questions.

I’m new to this site, but have been performing PE for nearly 4.5 months. My starting measurements were BPEL: 6.5” x EG: 5”. I am currently BPEL: 7.5” x EG: 5.5”. After about three months, I feel as though the gains have stopped. I began with the newbie program, but my current routine is as follows:

-5 sets of simple stretches (one in each direction, and each set is 30 seconds long)
-4 sets of behind the leg stretches (each set is held for five minutes)
-400 dry jelqs
-600 wet jelqs
-200 jelqs where I kegel blood in and clamp with one hand while jelqing with the other.

I don’t know if I need to incorporate new exercises. If so, what do you guys recommend? Is it possible that I am overworking in my session and hindering gains? I was also wondering if it is bad to to do a kegel before each jelq stroke to get more blood to the glans?

Thanks fellas.

Man that’s a lot of jelq-ing. I think it’s too much! No it’s not bad to kegel blood when you jelq.

Well try maybe hanging, clamping, pumping. You have a lot more routines and work outs. Try to change the routine etc.

I agree with Luka.

Whatever else you incorporate into your routine, always keep in some jelqing, but not that much, unless you are building your routine around jelqing. Jelqing should be about quality as well as quantity.

You have already had good gains, so always remember the value of simple stretching and jelqing! You could just alter your current routine to more stretching and less jelqing, maybe doing the jelqing before the stretching?

Yes, that is a crap load of jelqing. I agree with luka. Just try different things and see what works maybe your overdoing it and causing gains to stop.

5/05/2007- 7.95-8 bpl x 5.9-6.0 Eg

Goal- 9x6.5

Just know that when you kegel and jelq, you may become a little reliant on it to get as engorged.

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