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Hey guys, new here.

Hey guys, new here.

What’s up guys, I came across this place yesterday and have been reading as much as I can ever since. Seems to be a wealth of knowledge along with some great members, and I’m glad to be part of the community.

I am very excited about starting a newbie PE routine, and have been doing as much reading as I can to start off on the right foot.

My approximate BPEL right now is about 6 or 6 1/8”, and I havn’t measured girth yet. One of my main concerns though is with my flaccid length. Since I can remember, I’m not too ashamed of the size of my erection, bit in locker rooms and places like that my flaccid tends to shrink right up. I find it is usually the worst during a workout(I am a bodybuilder) and for a while following.. It’s like the blood flow goes to my muscles and causes my penis to turn into turtle dick (sometimes probably 1 1\2 inches). Also, my balls don’t hang low at all, and are always contracted at the same time I have turtle dick.

Anyways, I have read that doing PE routines, in addition to helping erection length and girth, can substantially help flaccid size. Should I just start off on the outlined newbie routine? I was thinking of just starting off with some jelqing sessions and seeing if I can gain from that. I have trouble sometimes finding privacy so it will be hard to start off doing very lengthy routines. I know, to get results I have to put the time in, and I will try my best to be consistent.

Question about measuring. When I’m measuring my erection length, it seems that when I flex my kegal muscle I get about another quarter inch or so. Do you guys experience this? Do you take the measurement at the height of the kegal flex, or just your relaxed erection?

Thanks for reading, any advice is greatly appreciated.. I will probably start my jelqing sessions this evening.. Wish me luck!



First off, welcome aboard. You are fortunate on two accounts: One stumbling across this site and two, your quest for flaccid gains rather than erect length gains. Both are very possible although the later is more easily attainable, or at least it has been in my case. Like a lot of us here, it is one thing to have a penis that looks good in the bedroom, but having one that looks good in the locker room can be just as important. You are correct, there is a wealth of info here, and the folks here are like no other forum on the Internet. Follow the newbie routines always keeping an eye on safety. This is a long term endeavor, but persistence will pay off.

Stealth PE is a little more difficult, but you’ll find time and ways to PE. Use the search engine to search for stealth routines. Check out Fowfers and Piss-pulls. There are a lot of simple things that can be done which helps flaccid hang. Reducing the fat pad, drinking lots of water. Super-hydrating the penile tissues makes your flaccid heavy and it will hang longer. Even trimming pubic hair close to the body gives the appearance of a longer flaccid while you are working on the long term fix. There are some good sups you can take that will help your workouts and also help flaccid hang such as l-arginine and or NX02 see the supplements forum

Your starting length is pretty good, measure accurately and get some good before pics so you can track your progress. Measure flaccid and erect girth and bone press erect length.

Good Luck

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What Big Girtha wrote. Flacid gains are just about the easiest and quickest to get.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Yes, PE will significantly increase your flaccid size. I would start off with newbie routine so your tool gets conditioned for the first month or two.

I’m almost on my third month of PE, yet gains in flaccid size was very noticeable in my second week, my tool now hangs ‘heavier’.

If privacy is an issue just as it is for me, I would recommend splitting your workouts to 2 a day, 5 days a week. Keeping your PE light and in moderation will keep your PE from being a lengthy routine.

My current daily routine is:

5 mins warm wrap or hot bath soak
60 - 5-sec Jelqs
5 mins warm wrap
15 mins manual stretch (up, down, straight, left, right and V Stretches) 90 seconds each
5 mins warm wrap

The whole routine takes about 40 mins.

I do my Kegels throughout the day and last thing at night.

If you work out try doing some 90 degree leg raises (3 sets of 20 reps) with your back lying flat on a bench. This exercise targets the lower part of your abdomen and may help prevent the ‘turtle dick’ you are experiencing.

Let me know how you get on.

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I just started here today too, and I have the same thing: When I work out, or run, do hardcore hiking — whatever, I get the turtle-dick syndrome, shrinking up to practically nothing, tight, cold; as though the blood goes to all the muscles and totally leaves the groin area.

We’re starting out about the same, and I was thinking perhaps we could form something of a partnership, explore the world of PE on a buddy system, help each other out with suggestions/ideas, encourage each other with messages and gains, new discoveries, etc.?

It’s just a thought, spurred by the similarities and the timing.

Hope to hear from you,


Thanks for the responses guys, I really appreciate it!

Sublime, any idea why strengthening my lower abdomen would help prevent turtle dick from a physiological standpoint? Sounds like a good idea, I’m just not sure why it would help.

Hok, the timing does seem just right doesn’t it? I would love to embark on a “buddy system” as I think it is important to have motivation, and since we are starting out around the same time with similar problems, keeping each other updated and motivated sounds like a great idea. This way, if one of us finds something is working rather well, we could share in hopes that the other may gain from the same method.. Things like this could only be helpful I imagine. PE certainly is a long term commitment, just like bodybuilding is for me, so I know it’s gonna take some dedication and there will be times when I am bummed out or down on myself. But like everything else, a quick fix is never really a good fix.

Anyway, I started yesterday with the newbie routine for the first time. I don’t have a warm pad yet so I used a hot shower for 5 minute warm up, then manual stretched for 10 mins, followed by 10 minutes of jelqing, ending with another 5 minutes of warm water. I took today (Sunday) off, since yesterday was my first time and I am going to start slowly. I plan on starting the routine again tomorrow (Monday) with a 2 days on 1 day off scheme. So I will have Wednesday off, then Saturday. I’m debating whether or not to do a 4 day schedule for the first month which would be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, with the rest of the days off. I just don’t know if 4 sessions per week is enough? Any thoughts from anyone? I’m really just concerned with conditioning my member for the first month or so, not extremely worried about serious gains during this time. Once I become better conditioned, I will start to embark and some more intense programs and longer sessions, I just want to take it slow in an attempt to avoid injury at all costs.

I need to buy a wash cloth (to warm up and cool down my unit) and some lube (since I used soap yesterday and I read your not supposed to). Then it’s off to the races.

I have a schedule set up in an excel spreadsheet that I am going to track my sessions and progress in.

Lastly, I still was unsure about the BPEL measurements. I took mine when my erection was relaxed, even though during a kegal it fills with more blood and I got about an extra 1/4” out of it. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as the measurements are consistent.

Alright, I gotta get some sleep. Hears to cool people and large members. :D


I figure conditioning/learning is most important right now, since we’re both beginners. Ergo, even if 4 sessions per week isn’t really enough, is it going to matter that much for the first two weeks or so? I mean, a 4-on, 1 off routine is okay for the experienced bodybuilder, but would you shove a total newbie into that, or allow him a day off to recover some between his initial workouts the first week, then step him up the second, going full-throttle the third?

Since I’m still wanting to recover from the mishap of my first week, I’m doing the warm-up and stretching routines this week, with massage. Next week I’ll actually step up to the jelq, starting either Sunday or Monday.

As for erection-measure, I assume you’re going for full flexion? It would be the most accurate measure, or so it seems to me, just as with the bicep, your relaxed arm measure may remain at 15.5”, but flexed jump up to 16.5”; which is the truest measure?

Also, I brought up a question in my post, but since we’re into the same thing here (although I’m just getting started again), have you considered how the PE workout/timing could be affected by the regular workout, ESPECIALLY considering that we both have the post-workout cold-dick shrinkage syndrome?

I was thinking last night that because of the hormonal output following a workout (we should discuss supplementation too), at the very least we should probably incorporate a warming/light jelqing session immediately following a workout, assuming circumstances allow. Most days for me, it will; some days it won’t, since two days a week I immediately follow up with 2.5 hours of Aikido.

My reasoning here is that if the hormones are rushing through the blood the most during the recovery period (not counting, obviously, REM sleep), then it would be best to get some of that blood back in the penis.

I’ll be at work today, then tonight is chest/tri’s, so let me know what you think.

Also, so we’re not forced to look through every page of thread for the buddy-chats, would you care to either PM or exchange e-mails? Then we can just post/discuss our progress on here, while saving some of the other guys the pain of the extra chat. Just a thought.

Talk to you later,


Hok, I sent you a PM :)

Anyone else have any comments on the PE workout/timing related to weight training.. Since we suffer from turtle dick most drastically after an intense training session. Would there be any drawbacks to doing a PE session soon after a weight training session? Any perks to doing it in the morning instead? Just looking for some thoughts..

Also, Sublime, still wondering about your lower abdomen theory.. :D



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