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Hey guys, just starting and had a few questions

Hey guys, just starting and had a few questions

Greetings to all of my fellow sch-long stretchers,

Wow, I’m still in awe of this site.. I had no f***ing clue that there was this large of a community dedicated to , um-mm.. Penile enlargement? Still strange for me guys, but ill get used to this whole thing pretty quick I suppose.

Ok, I’ll cut to the chase. I’m approximately 6in in length with a proportionate girth. My goal would be to gain a full one and half inches in length with an adequate girth increase. Sounds good right?

I have studied some of the basic jelqing techniques and am currently trying to get a personal program going. I got the warm-up/warm-down thing working too.

How much discomfort should I expect? Because I’ll be honest, I’ve only had a couple of sessions as of yet and I find jelqing extremely uncomfortable. Am I squeezing too hard? Or is this normal?

Do any of you pros have a specific workout regimen that would be could initial conditioning for a complete noob?

I’m excited and motivated right now but this whole thing is so completely foreign to me (and uncomfortable) that I’m still unsure about how to go about it.

I was considering surgery just for the hell of it until recently but I’ve heard about all the negative results that that can lead to.

Jeez, this website is f***ing crazy

Yes we have a specific program. Just look at the top of the opening page here and click on ‘Newbie Program and all will be revealed.

Good luck


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Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

If you are a typical American male, you probably have a tight foreskin thanks to your circumcision. And generally the foreskin is sensitive to pulling, stretching, squeezing, etc. Also, your cock isn’t used to having blood pushed at high pressure such that it expands past its normal erect state.

There is no way to condition your penis except to plow forward diligently. Don’t over do it, but don’t quit either.

In the beginning, manual stretching helped me gain some foreskin and after that PE was much easier. By the way, this shit works.

Reckless, unfortunately I have discomfort after jelqing as well, even if I do a lot less jelqing than others. My advice is to squeeze your penis slightly tighter than your girth, and keep it like that for a session or two. Next time, squeeze a little harder, and make sure that there is no discomfort. Keep on doing this until you feel the discomfort again, and go back to the previous pressure that didn’t give you discomfort. The key is to work your way up, not get hurt and work your way down.

Same goes for the volume of your work out- start doing a low number of jelqs, and increase them every couple of sessions while monitoring your EQ. When there is any pain, you know exactly by how much do reduce your work load so that you are getting good results.

Good luck!


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