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Hey guys I need a pep talk


Originally Posted by firegoat
Statistically if at least 4 of the guys were over 10”, she must have slept with hundreds of thousands of guys, possibly millions! I wish I could be bothered to go and find the threads with the stats in, but the numbers she has given are so ridiculous there’s barely any point. Ask any of the gay guys here, even the ones who have been around a lot, how many 10” cocks they have seen…. :)
At your current size you have absolutely nothing to be insecure about. You are well above average.

Hahaha! This is so true and at the same time funny! What a lucky gal. She must have measured those cocks from their assholes.
C’mon guys, let us not be so gullible.

I know that what I said sounds funny and all and yeah I always tell her to go look at 10+ inch on a ruler then say you have experienced that. But thanks heaps for the positivity. Gives me a slight confidence boost

Haha! I’d like to thank all of you guys, for your words have up lifted my spirit. I’m gonna try to not let the size of my cock scare me out of something that could possibly make me happy for the rest of my life.

Sincerely guys, I don’t think I can thank you enough!

I am grateful that our brothers have shared such brilliant advice with you. Special mention to Cookie Tree and Firegoat,

Within months of joining Thunders I grew my unit, however the biggest contribution Thunders has made in my life has been painting a true picture of that which is.

Sexual confidence and with self extends itself far beyond a 10” unit, Embrace the wisdom shared and make it yours.

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