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Hey guys. 9 month check in, could use some feedbackhelp


Sorry, man, I didn’t mean what was post. I mean,

You can see my messages on other posts, I really don’t know what happened or how this post ended here.

I am trying to understand this system and adding comments or messages where I think it would be nice to contribute.

I’d never do that. I don’t know if I can delete it. Could it be deleted? Is it possible?

I understand sometimes here in the forum some issues get very ‘tense’ due to our natures and to our contexts, our lifes. That’s why I don’t understand what happened there, because I would never tease something like this.

My sincere apologies.

No problem pal, don’t worry about it

Start: BPEL 7 3/8" EG Base 5 5/8" NBPEL 6.5" (apx)

Current: BPEL 7 3/4" EG Base 6" Head 4 5/8" NBPEL 7"


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