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Hey Everyone

Hey Everyone

This is my first post on this site. I’ve stumbled accross this site by accident and i found the content pretty interesting. I was sceptic at first and i thought it would involve a lot of torture (lol) but i’ve read the techniques on how to jelq and manually stretch and i think it could work. As for starting to jelq and manually stretch i’ll wait a little and be sure i’ve read all the site content just to make sure i don’t miss anything and screw my dick out. I’ll probably start with the newbie routine suggested on here: Newbie Routine

A little bit about me. I’m a 19 years old athletic man, i live in canada, more precisely in quebec. I’m french so i may make a few mistakes in my english once in a while, not enough for you to comment on though :P. My johnson mesures 6.25 inches when i don’t press it against my “bone”… scientific term there… and a wopping 5.25 inches around town!!! I have a lot of girl FRIENDS… acquaintances not ones i actually lick pussy with mind you. And i’ve noticed a couple of things when it comes to women and their penis size discussions. First of all, EVERY women lie about their boyfriends dick, they all say it’s huge or just say some ridiculously big number. I’ve had a girl once tell me that her ex boyfriend was 24 cm long, riiiight riiight. If we’d listen to women and guys with their claims about penis size no one would be under 7 inches and the average penis would be around 7.75”. But i thought about this, why do women lie about their bf’s size? Is it because it makes them feel more secure? Do they want to impress their friends or make them jealous? What’s going on?.
And i’ve realised that, in today’s society, penis size eventhough some say it’s “not the size that matters but how you use it” i’ve noticed that even the people that say that claim that their bf is huge so deep down inside it makes them feel better or something. I’ve had a discussion with a girl FRIEND at my school and she told me that 5 inches: you can’t feel it, 6 inches: it’s too small you can’t feel it inside you, and 7 inches: it’s the minimal size for her to feel it good inside her. I’ve had another discussion with a group of 4 girls, and EACH and EVERYONE of them concluded that 7 inches is their perfect size, i was thinking WHAAT THE!!!! So in their heads, 7 inches is the perfect size huh? well to my suprise i came accross a girl that told me that she doesn’t like big penises because it scares her (which made me laugh out loud at her… scare her… lol) and she told me that 6 inches is perfect for her. But i realised that if a guy has a 7 inch penis for instance, he can put 6 inches in her because that’s what she likes, but if you come accross those 7 inch lovers and you have a 6 inch pecker you can’t ram it in 7 inches deep because your just not long enough. Personally, i’ve never had any complaints about girls on my size but i think it wouldnt HURT to do PE i mean what’s there to lose?

What are my goals? hmmm good question. Well i’d say a 7,5 inches long and 5,75 or 6 inches wide would please 99% of women and the rest just screw them.

Alright it’s good stuff, see you guys around the forum.

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Well, you answered any question I typically ask. So the only thing I can do is say few things are accidents. You’ve come to a great place and I hope it will begin to feel like home to you. The welcome mat is always out and the light always on. Enjoy and good luck with your goal and gains.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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Hello slamher838,

Check the Forum Guidelines sometime soon; paragraphing, NOT SHOUTING, and capitalisation will make you posts easier to read. Thanks.

>what’s there to lose?<
Grinding, head and anal if you go too far.

Welcome to Thunder’s Place slamher.

We’ve been trying to figure out the whole women-lying-about-size thing forever. No luck yet. :D

You’re doing the right thing by reading as much as you can before starting. The knowledge you gain and retain now will help you throughout your PE career. A solid foundation is essential for any project, but when it’s our dicks we’re talking about, it means even more. Keep this attitude and I have no doubt you’ll see some gains. I hope you enjoy your time here and eventually a bigger dick. :)

Welcome to the board slamher838!

Welcome, Slamher,

Regarding women “lying” about size, I think the issue is much more that they don’t really have a realistic conception of what it means to have a 7” vs. 8” etc. penis in them. It’s really the girth that makes the difference. If you got a 5” dick, but really thick, they’ll probably tell you it’s much longer than it actually is. I truly believe most of them could care less about length. It’s the feeling of fullness from the girth that makes the difference. There are so many ways to please a woman sexually besides having a good-sized prick.

Good luck at Thunder’s.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Welcome Slamher, I think you will find Thunders a very interesting place, lots of good information.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

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