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Hey Everyone :)

Hey Everyone :)

I’ve been on this site I think for about a week now and I will admit I’m more of an anxious newbie than the rest, but I think I know most of the basic stuff I’m supposed to. I’m so very uplifted by this site and I just wanted to sing praises to Thunder and everyone else who helps him keep this great place running! Man you gave me hope back and I love you for it!
First off, It’s just amazing that you would run a free site like this. I still can’t believe it and yet I believe it lol. I’m really looking forward to getting started, but I know through the principles of weighttraining not to start off too hard. I was wondering if any vets could help me hit the ground running.
I really am looking to forward to developing my knowledge of PE and contributing whenever I can. Through my eyes so far from what Ive read, I dont think the most rewarding feeling would actually be to get a big dick, but actually it seems that it is to help someone else who you can relate to overcome their feelings of inferiority. I look forward to that someday.
Right now Im at 6” BPE and 5 3/4 BPF. My Middle girth is at 5”. I am pretty happy with my width, but I really want to make my member longer, at least 2 inches. Also according to Big’s theory I lose tug back at about 9 o’clock.
I’m overjoyed to be part of such a great site and when I’m able to obtain some additional funds I plan on becoming a monthly contributing member :) Thanks again!!! Hope to talk with all of you in the future!



thanks for your nice introduction. Please post your measurements after your first month. Have fun and always good gains!



Welcome Chea

Sounds like you’ve been doing you’re homework first. That’s great.

I”m also new to pe (nearly 3 weeks into it) and already seeing gains. It’s a fantastic feeling and great motivator as I’m sure you’ll find out shortly.

I, too, couldn’t believe it when I found Thunders, evereything you’ll ever need to know about pe is all here somewhere.

Your measurements sound good for starters and nicely in proportion.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing about some great gains.


Thanks for the warm welcome fellas :) Im proud to be part of the PE group heh. Looking forward to talking with you all in the future. GL in your gains.

ChaChaChaChea, welcome to Thunders. I have to agree that you have a wonderful introduction. There is a mentor program if you are looking for a more personal start. Check this thread:Mentor Program

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple


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