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Hey everyone new here

Hey everyone new here

I been at PE since march 29th. I started out doing the newbie routine for about 4 months. I started hanging 3 months ago. I hang an hour or 2 a day followed by jelqs after each set. I started at about 5.4 nbp and I’m currently at 5.7 nbp. I started BP a little below 6 and now it’s currently 6.3. Anyone got any tips or think I should add anything with my hanging?

Well, it sounds like you’ve made some gains - congrats! Have your gains stopped in the last month or two? If so, some more detail about your hanging and jelqing routines would be helpful to assess the situation.

I hang at heavy weights now about an hour a day. I hang 15 straight out or 10 straight down. My gains have been very slow. Do I need to hang longer? I don’t have much time or privacy throughout the day. I jelq about 5 minutes after each set and my sets are 20 minutes long. I usually do one hour and sometimes up to two hours. Do you recommend me hanging more through the day or adding anything to my current routine? I need to change my routine for some quicker gains.

If hanging isn’t doing much for you with that kind of time and weight, I’d suggest stopping and focusing on some other form of PE. Some guys just don’t gain from hanging (e.g., ModestoMan, who tried everything imaginable).

Why don’t you take a couple weeks off from PE, then start up with a serious manual routine? Many have had great success with this one: Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism

Manual wasn’t doing anything for me. It made my flaccid a little bigger. Hanging has gave my current gains. I will stick to hanging and maybe throw in some manual. I will add some from the link you provided, thanks.

I’ve recently seen this site and got informed. I was teased at school for being a late developer (“There’s nothing there”) but am now 6.26 x 5.75 and comparing with others, above average.

I’m just getting into dressing Commando style and shaved balls - so just into male area things I was unaware of.

I’ve started stretching and wet-jelq exercises. In the past I’ve not been good at keeping up routines.. So we’ll see.

I do feel I’ve benefited a lot already. Maybe no size extension, but feeling good physically and male-integrated in a way. If Th’s no size increase, I shan’t blame the system.but shall enjoy the attempts!

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