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Hey all.

Hey all.

I’m new

And I just have a lil question

I’ve been tampering with pe for a while on and off

I have gotten really small gains which could contrastly be viewed as a “stronger” erection

.Ok well I was reading that I need to get “biochemicals” back into my blood(I’m 23)

I’m taking these vitamins called “Maxaman”..

Also, sometimes I tie a string around my dick and ballsack to trap the blood in while having sex or while sleeping which results in extreme engorgement

And I have a penis pump that I just got that sometimes hurts to use because it’s so damn strong; it digs into my groin as the suction increases lol

Anyone have anything to say?

My dick is about 7 point something inches with 5.1 inches girth

I wanna get the girth up to like.6 I don’t really care about the length

Man that tie string around penis wake up with dead dick. - Caveman

Originally Posted by Thebeginner
Man that tie string around penis wake up with dead dick. - Caveman

Na, I actually wake up sometimes because my dick gets too engorged and I gotta do something about it
.Just because ur sleeping doesnt mean you can’t feel ur dick

(Don’t tie a string around ur flaccid dick, lmao)

The strings a bad idea, temporary gains and very high risk of serious damage, so stop it straight away. You said you’ve tried PEing on and off and only gotten small gains? I think that’s the problem PEing is about stretching, developing and making the tissue grow and develop over time, if your going to try PEing you need to fully commit to a routine for a minimum of 6months and take measurements and photos. Also ensure you doing all aspects of the routine, the warm up, the stretches, it may be tedious but the more effort you put in over an extended period the more results you’ll see. Were as I’ve found pumps or engorging is just a temporary swelling and isn’t worth the risk. Take it from me I tried PEing in small doses and just did the exercises to know effect, know I’m taking it seriously doing it properly and it’s genuinely working for me? So good luck

Current erect girth - 4.92, erect length - 5.7, length when measured from pubic bone - 6.49. Target gains; length - 8.2, width - 6


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