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Hey all, I'm new here. Questions included

Hey all, I'm new here. Questions included

Hey everyone.

Well I first heard about this site from another forum, and was very excited when I came across it. I believe this was sometime around June. Anyways, I tried to join, but registration was closed.

I decided to try and start doing the newbie routine as consistently as I could on a 2 days on and 1 day off schedule. In terms of consistency, I was partially successful. There were some days that I couldn’t find enough time to PE (due to a busy schedule consisting of lots of work), and some days I had to rush my exercising because people would wonder why my showers were suddenly taking a lot longer, haha.

But anyways, PE is something very important to me. I’ve been very conscious of my penis size ever since I was a little kid, and I told myself I’d make my unit bigger somehow, someway. My below average penis has kept me shying away from the “physical interaction” with women that I desire. I’m going back to college at the end of August, and I hope I can make some type of significant gains, so that I will be less shy.

My first attempt at PEing was by taking pills, specifically Vig-RX. A friend of mine took them and claimed that it worked, and his unit was massively growing (perhaps he lied, perhaps he was doing real PE with the VigRX complimenting it). But anyways, I wasted a good $100+ on 3 bottles of that to no avail.

Now it’s almost August, and I’m not too sure if I’ve made any gains (I haven’t measured yet). Based on appearance, it looks as if my penis has more veins showing up, and it does seem a tad bit thicker, I suppose. But anyways, I’m much, much more interested in length gains.

Anyways, I’d like to ask some questions now. As I mentioned before, I’ve been performing the newbie routine for just about a month now.

- Should I continue to do this routine, and if so, for how long?
- How do you guys manage to PE so consistently? Does stretching and jelqing have to be performed with one right after the other? I always find myself rushing to PE, because of the length of time it takes, and the suspicion that this length of time draws from others in the house.
- When you PE in the shower, do I still have to warmup, or can I go straight to my stretches while my penis is warming up (due to the warm water and already warm weather)? And if you do have to warmup first, is it ok to just stand there and shower as long as the water is also hitting your penis?
- To those who dorm or dormed in college, do you still/were you still able to PE regularly? If so how did you go about doing it?
- Last question for now, sorry for so many haha - when doing manual stretches, is it ideal to stretch the same way twice in a row? For instance stretch outwards for 25 secs twice, and then downwards 25 secs twice, etc. Or to stretch outwards, downwards, etc. And then just repeat the whole cycle?

Sorry for the barrage of questions, like I said PE is real important to me and I want to make sure I’m doing everything properly to hopefully insure optimal gains. Thanks in advance!

1. Yes , I wold suggest continuing your routine . Add to it as needed . I’ve been with PE for 4 months now and starting to plateau (I think) so I will just add to it .

2. Dedication , dedication , dedication . You have to want it . You can break up your routine if you choose . IE: stretch in the morning , jelq in the evening .

3. Warmup is always good IMHO . Yes , you can let the hot water run over your dick . That’s what I do sometimes .

4. Didn’t PE when I was in college . Too busy getting wasted/laid.

5. I assume it’s your preference . I vary my stretch directions .

Last but not least , welcome to the forum .

Those pills are a fraud, your paying for a placebo and only half the information you get here. If you read carefully when you order pills that claim to enlarge your penis like extagen pills. They say take the pills and follow there exercise program. The only thing the pills do is most likely just help your blood flow, the pills contain things like ginko and other herbal supplements. Also don’t forget when you are paying out your ass for those pills your not getting the support group that you get here. Which if you ask the guys who have been doing PE for a while, having the support of others is a great way to keep motivated.

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Hey buddy, welcome to the forum. It’s got some cool stuff, right? As far as your questions go, i am a newbie myself, and the only thing i can add is that i’ve lived/still living in a dorm for years. If you have a good roommate, like a really good friend you would confide in, let ‘em know about what you’re doing. it’ll help explain your “longer showers”, at least to him. second, if you dont have a roommate period, but share a communal bathroom, lock your door and do it on your own time. Dorms are as much about privacy as living with other people. i live in a suite with three roommies, but we each have our own private rooms. We never have any real problems as far as ladies/wack time/whatever. If you share a room with someone who you dont feel comfortable telling about this, find out when they have class and do it then. be warned you run the risk of being caught if said classtime ends early or is cancelled. I find the newbie routine works well with dorm life because like rackhunter said, you can vary it up. You dont need to dedicate a solid 30-40 minutes at a time. hope this helps, and good luck- PN

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Find the shift key please, and use it consistently.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Something about warming up if you have a micro-wave,get some long grain rice fill the sock and stick in the micro-wave for 2 minutes .This will serve as a warmer for you and also very effective. Good luck.

Is it ok to reuse the same rice sock everytime or no? (I haven’t tried it yet) Thanks!

Also should I maybe up my routine to 3 days a week? I’ve been going at it for a month and I haven’t really noticed any changes, except that the veins on my penis are more evident. I see that most people get noticable gains within the first two weeks, and I on the other hand haven’t really gotten anything (in terms of size). Perhaps I am doing something wrong?

Yes, it is alright to use the same rice sock several times. They normally don’t wear out, get a hole maybe, but not wear out.

Consistency is a key to PE, most of the guys here have a set time (I think). I do realize that privacy is an issue with some of our members, but they manage. 2 on 1 off is a reasonable schedule, maybe you can increase the time and number of stretches/jelqs.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

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