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Hey a few quick questions

Hey a few quick questions

Hello everyone, first off I tried to post one question in the Mens Health Forum but I cant for some reason. Anyway my first questions is, I am 20 and can distinctly remember back in highschool I always had a morning erection. Now in college I dont have that anymore. Is this bad does that mean something is wrong with my hormones etc. Secondly I am an extremely small guy flaccid. Erect I am probably around 5 BPEL. And Im sure you’ve read posts where guys say Im the smallest ever but I really feel like I am. When flaccid my penis looks like it belongs on a baby. Ive been lurking on PE forums for about a year. I know some of the basic stuff. All I care about right now in terms of PE is flaccid length. But i feel like because I have so little “to work with” Im not going to get anywhere. Anyway the three things Im trying to focus on are, flaccid length, penile health in general, erections, premature ejac. etc., and finally fat loss. I really just want to be healthy overall in terms of my body. Anyway sorry for the rambling post. And Ill save someone the effort of replying with “TAKE A CHILL PILL AND CALM DOWN!” LOL. Ok so if anyone has tips and advice it would be much appreciated. And dont worry After I hit the submit new message button I will be going to the search function which i have already visitied a bunch of times.

also forgot to say my BPFL islike 2.5

You should get morning erections. Bad influencing factors could be alcohol, over weight, college stress, not enough sleep, bad diet, not enough water. Any of those fit your lifestyle?

I used to have turtle dick, but not any more. You can fix that by doing PE, so you are at the right place. Start off with the Newbie routine of stretching and jelqing. The Video series describes the exercises and shows you how. Don’t let the guy with the huge cock throw you off.

Start off nice and easy and learn how to do things right. Moderate stretch tension and jelq pressure are all you need to get a good start and condition your cock to the exercises. Don’t go overboard, and I predict, that you will begin to see flaccid hang improvements quickly.

Don’t forget the hot wrap. It is especially useful for us guys with turtle dick to loosen things up and improve the hang prior to exercising.

Remember, take it slow and do it right, and gradually add to your program.

Also, having ‘so little to work with’ shouldn’t put you off. As a general observation smaller starters tend to make more impressive gains percentage wise.

Thanks guys for the replies. Gprent101, “Bad influencing factors could be alcohol, over weight, college stress, not enough sleep, bad diet, not enough water. Any of those fit your lifestyle?” All of those fit my lifestyle except the alcohol which i dont drink. Shiver, thanks for the encouraging words.

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