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Here's my story

Here's my story

I hope this is where I should be posting this.. English is not my first language so please pardon the following mistakes =)

I’m 24, uncircumcised and I’ve been doing PE for a little over a week. Like many of you gentlemen I’m on the noble quest of becoming a pornstar.. To put it bluntly. I have been searching the internet for a while in order to find a place with good advice on PE and this forum is BY FAR the best place I’ve found so far. What I am looking for, if the more experienced penis magicians here are so kind, is advice on my routine (what I’m doing good/wrong, what I should stop/start doing and any other tips and tricks you think might help me).

So, the routine I’m currently doing is basically the newbie routine with some minor adjustments. I’ll detail the whole thing so you get the picture :) .

1) I start off with warming up using the shower for about 5 minutes: I start with a fairly warm setting on the shower and then I kick it up a notch. I find this easier that the hot wrap.. Please notify me if I should change this.

2) As I’ve recently read in a thread on this forum, I do about 50 of the so-called “kegel stretches”: with a slight upward stretch I contract my BC muscle for quick 1 to 3 seconds intervals.

3) I start doing stretches with my penis in its flaccid state: upward, downward, left, right, in front and I hold these stretches for about 10 to 30 seconds (I don’t actually time them with a stopwatch or something). I’m a very cautious guy so I do not exaggerate with pulling the penis.

4) This is where I start the jelqs (wet jelqs to be more precise): if needed I reheat the penis, I use sun flower oil for lube, I get a slight erection (about 20 to 40% I believe) and I start to jelq. I am quite careful with this action as I’ve read here that I should wait until the veins are used to it, therefore I do not use a very strong grip. I often pause while performing the wet jelqs because I feel my penis becoming too flaccid and then I try getting back some erection before I continue (are these discontinuities in my disadvantage?). I keep this going for quite some time.. Well over 10 minutes as suggested in the routine, as I feel that the short breaks should be compensated.

5) I warm the penis up again using the same aforementioned technique.

6) As the penis cools down I keep a slight stretch for about 3 to 5 minutes (as I’ve read here that I should do this in order to cement gains, if any)

7) I do normal kegels whenever I get the chance. I use a whole variation of kegel exercises (long intervals, medium and short)

That is mostly my routine and I do it 4 or 5 times a week (week days and breaks on week-ends). Sometimes after the routine I masturbate if I have the time or if a release is needed. (I try to edge a little before)

The effects I’ve noticed so far are: a slight length and girth gain (nothing very noticeable but I’m confident this will change with time), a slight improvement in EQ and I’ve noticed some new veins on my foreskin :) . My goal is mostly length gains but I can’t say no to some girth and sexual performance gains either. My goals may change in time :>

I am looking forward to any advice on my routine. Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the group, forgetmenot.

It seems as though you’ve done your homework. Routine sounds good. A week is pretty early to be seeing any serious results, but it looks like you’re on the right track. Just keep paying attention to your PIs and proceed carefully. Good luck.

:_pump: :donatecar

Welcome to the site Forgetmenot!

I’m new myself - but it seem that you got your act together already :-)

Look forward to seeing your improvements!

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