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Here We Go

Here We Go

So after finding this website I’m thinking I might as well give PE a go. I’ve gone through a lot of the old threads to get as much know how before I start. I’m thinking instead of asking questions I’ll just write down my plan. If any of you experienced members could provide me with anything I might have missed, it would be much appreciated.

So basically I’m going start with the standard newbie routine provided by luvdadus. Instead of using a hot wrap as a warm up, I’m thinking of filling up a large water bottle with very hot water and simply massaging my penis against the side of the bottle. That way the bottle retains a lot of heat for a long period of time and I can perform the PE exercises in the comfort of my bed without having to make multiple trips to the bathroom (I live in a student house so keeping this low key is of high priority). I know this method may not be the most effective at transferring heat to the penis, as it is not wet, so I will compensate by spending longer warming up.

I’ve read about the dreaded turkey neck and noticed that members suggest sticking solely to dry jelqs to limit the chances of getting it. I’m uncut so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. I’ve bought myself some moisturiser just in case I get any dry skin.

I’m a little worried about injuring myself. From what I’ve gathered a lot of the exercises focus on the ligaments inside the penis. I’ve had prior injuries in both my hands and right shoulder all involving snapped ligaments from various accidents. I don’t know if my ligaments are just weak in general so I’m going to keep the intensity low for a while and keep a good eye on my EQ and PI’s.

Wicked website and I’ll let you know how I do. :-)




The newbie routine will work great.

Just remember as many senior members recommend. PE should not hurt. If it’s painful stop before you injure yourself. If you think you have weak ligaments be especially keen to it. with pressure and amount of pulling force go slow and build up over months so you don’t bust something. You are in the driver’s seat so drive responsibly. Good luck PEing and many good gains to you! :)

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@Metamorpho - that .5 inch gain from a little over a month is impressive, I might have to check out your routine if you posted it somewhere. And I completely agree, when I was doing PE 6 years ago I remember that I over did it and I injured myself. Lets just say that ligament injuries take a realllly long time to heal and you might give this entire thing up during the healing process.


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