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Here is my goal


Yes, you re right.but when I found thunder s, my pills were shipped..
I know it is very expansive.but here in japan, those supplement are not easy to found.there are some Sex shop that are selling the greatest scam of pills for around 110 USD the bottle containing Yohimbe!when you see those prices, the PSP are not so is the problem here in japan.all is expansive..
I had not a lot of time to found independant supplements..
I ll try these PSP for 5 months, if there is no improvement, I ll continue with the best way I guess> manual PE. Motivation and I had found this forum, it will help me a lot.if I found it before order pills, maibe I didn t order them..
Maibe can you tell some useful cheap supplement other than pills?


Because when I bought the psp, I didn t know well about PE.. Psp are to help me..
Like japanese people, even being a stranger here in japan, you become like them:you need something, you buy it without searching cheaper or better because lack of free time cause you re working 3/4 of your life..
Now I got the pills, I ll do not throw them to the toilet..
I do not think PSP are fully scam and have not any effect at all, I keep just in mind that they just can help in PEin but not growing by them self anything.there is not magic pills.if there were those pills, all mens on earth have now dick like horses.
Now I want to bring something, on this forum for other members.sure, I ll cannot bring some new PE technics because I m juste a newbie, but I want definitally tell the truth about pills, and really check if the are really scam or if they can really help someone..
I promise to tell only truth and do not post fake measurement, or fake information about my pills+PE combo experiment.if I ll lie about the pills, is the same as I m lying to me..
My pills stock is a 5 months stock, and I ll make my possible to update any evolution or improvement due to the pills.



That is true Stranger,don’t waste your money on PSP.Instead do a search for L-arginine on google and buy that for a very small sum.Taking those will have a better effect than the PSP and they sure do aid in the faster healing of your organ.

Hi, it is been a long time and as promised, a little report of my PSP pills-PE combo experiment.

I m doin now Newbie routine for 3 consecutive weeks, 2 day on, one off.

I increased 25 stroke by weeks in my dry jelq session. Did not strech at all, and I know that is not good! But as I said, my goal is girth, not lenght..

I m taking the pills religiously 3 a days.

Started at

NBPEL 6.25

EG 4.9

Now I m at

NPBEL 6.55 :)

EG 4.9.. :(

My head as grown up :D , that a good new

Did you not see something strange?? I m jelqinq like a Jedi for now 3 weeks, 3 seconds per stoke, good pressure but did no gained nothing in girth :( but gained in lenght.with only dry jelq??
I just notice my dick is very more muscular as in flaccid state and erect state. Also, another thing, when I m flaccid, my girth is bigger than before, but my lenght did not change!and after a session my head is really HUGE!
About the pills now

I think they really helped me during these 3 weeks, because I can keep erection during the whole sessions without renewing erection as a lot of noobs like me.
I m getting more easily aroused, and when I got a very hard wood, I can feel the blood forcing the chamber as I can feel my dick is not painful, but it is a “there is happening something in this cock” feeling..
I told to you I did not gain in girth, but last time my girl sucked me, I had feel her teeth that it never happened before,even opening at maximum her mouth (some J-girls have really tiny mouth).something is happening about the girth, but until I m not seeing any visual change, I ll do not measure it.

To Roddy:You re from brussel? I m from Liege but livin in Sushis land ;)

0.3” in under a month? Nice going stranger.:up:

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics


But about my no-gains in girth.what can I do?I m Jelqing aiming Girth, and I m gaining Lenght..

Any advices?

Originally Posted by stranger
But about my no-gains in girth.what can I do?I m Jelqing aiming Girth, and I m gaining Lenght..
Any advices?

Be happy you’re gaining anything at all.

Hit your length target first, worry about girth later.

If you go for girth now, you’ll struggle to gain length later

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

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