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Here I go

Here I go

Hello Thunders.

Well, I’ve been here lurking these forums for quite some time now and for the past couple years I have been doing PE on and off (2-3 weeks at a time at most). I’ve always been interested in it but I could never get devoted enough to follow through. I think most of it stems from my insecurities; not because I think my unit is small, but because after lurking these forum and reading tons of info I know my unit is pretty big; actually it’s really big and after reading the thread showing the true size of some of the top porn-stars I realize I am longer then most; but not quite as thick and that’s what I am here for.

As for my plans I’ll go with the newbie routine for a week or two; since I’ve done PE a few times before I think I should be good with this (any advice?); after that I want to go straight into o-bends for my primary PE; and a few months after that I may get into some clamping If gains aren’t coming fast enough.

Well I bet your all wondering what I’m working with; well my stats are 8.6x5.75. You see, whats held me back is the; Why am I going to do this? Let me explain.

I have been married now for 5 years; it’s been 5 years and my lovely wife still to this day has trouble handling my dick. There are certain positions where I can’t bottom out and most of the time we can’t do it for more then 20-30 minutes and I start to hurt her (that’s if I’m being kinda rough if I take it slow we can go longer).

I’m a pretty big dude also, around 6’1 210lbs she is short around 5’4 but has thick hips and thighs at 140lbs. I brought a dildo that was about 9x6.5 the other day for a trail and although she couldn’t take it all in length wise (she hates the feel of dildos) she could handle the girth pretty well (we’ve also had 2 kids). So I figure I don’t need the length as I can’t bottom out in some of my favorite positions but 6.5 girth is a great goal for me as with good lube and arousal she took it pretty well.

I just know I will probably gain length involuntarily though but oh well.

Anyways thunders that’s my story, I took some pics but I will wait awhile to post them (I need to get to know you guys first) We are taking the kids to my mother-in-laws house this weekend so I’m starting Monday. They will be gone through the holidays so I will have lots of alone time to myself to get to work.

Thanks of listening thunders and any advice is appreciated.

Welcome aboard; the newbie routine is a wise starting point. Good luck :) .

I just started about a week ago, noting yet but I will get there! Nice to have you!

Does anyone here think it’s unrealistic to want to have girth as thick as the inside of a regular toilet paper roll?

Originally Posted by bdragon472
Does anyone here think it’s unrealistic to want to have girth as thick as the inside of a regular toilet paper roll?

It’s not uncommon. It could be unrealistic or not depending on your starting size.


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