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Hematoma following Grip

Hematoma following Grip

Hi guys,

I was doing the Sadsak slinky maneuver which requires you to make a tourniquet grip at the base of the penis. After completing the exercise, followed by 100 jelqs, I noticed a painful swelling a few inches above my penis near my bladder, about 2 cm in diameter. It looks and feels like a hematoma- aka a buildup of blood. This makes sense considering I was restricting blood flow into my penis due to the tight grip. It is dissipating now and hopefully will not be serious.

I know a lot of people use tight grips at the base of the penis- has anyone else experienced this? How can I prevent it? It sets back my routine and is painful.

Also, whenever I do the Slinky, I have a very hard time losing my erection (no pun intended). I don’t want to injure myself.any advice on this as well?


Hi there and welcome.

I’m not sure that Sadsak Slinky’s are part of the newbie routine. While its a guideline to be modified as your individual needs warrant; you don’t want an injury. Injuries tend to harm the efforts to get a bigger unit.

How long have you lurked here or otherwise done PE? That might have a bearing on where you can go to as far as exercises go.

If I were you, I might reconsider the Sadsaks for now. I’m sure one of the fellas will be along to input their opinions.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Hey sunshine, thx for the reply. I’ve been lurking/PEing for about 2 months. I’m worried that jelqing may also cause blood-buildups tho, no?

Jelqing should not build up blood to cause a hematoma. Jelqing moves blood into the CC and CS, it shouldn’t be bursting capillaries (tiny blood vessels) to create a bruise (hematoma). At two months your penis is still getting conditioned, I would continue to recommend laying off the sadsaks for a bit. If nothing else, let the bruise heal, which may mean no PEing except for kegels.

And as a suggestion, its thanks, not thx. We have some mods who get really pissy when chat speak is used. Wouldn’t want you to get yelled at.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I agree and disagree with this opinion:

Jelqing done properly should not give you a haemotoma because you don’t break open medium to large blood vessels.

But what I think it does do sometimes is to break open very small capillaries. This process aids in two things (I’m extrapolating from my 2nd-year physiology.:

A. Keeping the penis inflamed (open capillaries will induce an inflammatory response): This is important because it keeps your penis engorged with fluid, causing that “hang” and letting your cells multiply into a framework that can support a larger penis.

B. Remodeling the capillary bed of the penis so when you have new gains, the new tissue is supplied with sufficient blood to keep it alive.

June 24 2008: BPEL 6.4 NBPEL 6.0 EG 4.6

You need to identify the signs that caused your injury, other than just too much intensity.

The only way you can prevent things like this from happening in the future, is by understanding your own body, your limits, and when you’re pushing too hard

Strange. Usually vein issues occur on the higher pressure side of the grip — along the shaft.

My suggestion is to stop using any squeezing techniques. You shouldn’t be doing them now anyway. Tone down your routine.

Do your best to avoid thrombosing or otherwise injuring veins. Such injuries, though seemingly innocuous at first, can easily turn into a recurring problem that greatly hinders or even ends a PE career.

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