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Hel's Intro/Progress

Hel's Intro/Progress

Hello. I am starting this thread to keep track of everything I am doing (PE related), and hoping it will help me and others. Found Thunder’s one day on Yahoo Groups, and have decided that it is probably the definitive site if you’re wanting to do PE. Forgive me if I run on at the mouth (err keyboard), I tend to write in a stream-of-conciousness way…

Starting stats: 6.7” BPEL, ~5” EG (kinda tapemeasure-shy I guess, hard to get accurate measurements).
(girth is measured about halfway up the shaft, at the base I’m roughly 5.3”)
Have not measured flaccid, as gains there are not a priority for me.
LOT is about at 9:00
I am 5’7” tall on a good day, and weigh around 190lbs. I’m 24 years old.

Goal: long term is to be 8x6, the good ‘ol ideal length, or so I’ve read in several of Anna Nimity’s posts (great reads by the way!). Only problem is that I have a 1” fat pad. I think that I would like to almost be pushing 9” for BPEL, so that I have 8” of useable cock, but then I may want more girth… I can see where this is going already. 8x6, done deal. I’ll be overjoyed with that.

I have been trying to tweak the newbie routine to work for me. Here is what I try to do:
5days on, 2days off, kegels every day (when I remember, usually always on the 5 on days).

5 min. warmup (hot, wet washrag)
3x50 sec. stretches - down, down-left, down-right, BTC, straight up, V-stretch, and inverted V
2-3 min. warm-back-up
6x (50 reps underhand wet (baby oil) jelq straight out, then 10 horse440’s, only I don’t hold them at the end as long, and do them rather quickly)
5 min. warmdown
400 kegels held 5 seconds
all told it takes 45-50 minutes, excluding kegels.

I have been doing this for 2 weeks now, just starting on the 3rd. So far I have noticed a couple of things. Kegels caused the first noticeable change, in that I was harder. I would recommend kegels to anyone, as I saw results within 24 hours. Look at it this way, what good is a 10 pound sledgehammer without a suitable handle. If I don’t do my kegels, I’m basically building a sledgehammer and attaching it to a twig.

Second, stretches I seem to have the hang of, and am trying to incorporate DLD’s Blaster idea into the stretch. I took Shotokan Karate for 6 years when I was younger, and when we stretched there, you would hold the stretch, and every time you exhaled, you would relax your body and stretch a little deeper. I gained great flexibility in my legs for doing this, and I think it applies to good ol’ Capitan Steubing.

Third, I must be some kind of a freak, becuase the skin on my dick is very loose. my hand doesn’t slide when doing wet jelqs at all, and I can pull the skin at the base pretty much all the way up to the glans, even when fully erect (makes for some impressive stupid-human tricks). Is everyone built this way? As a result, I’m not sure if I’m jelqing correctly. If anyone has any advice, please share, and props to them!

Other excersise, etc:

I currently am taking Tae-Kwon-Do 3 times a week, and on the off-days am attempting to run 3 miles each day. Other than that, my job requires my ass to occupy a chair in front of a computer for 8 hours.

I am diabetic, and was diagnosed when I was 16. I like to blame this for my lack of height, since all the men in my family have had growth spurts around their 18th birthday, and I did not. (I am the runt in my family, with both brothers going to break 6’ easily). As a result, I have large hands and feet for my size, and also very broad shoulders for my height. I’m built like a neandartal.

I imagine I’ll start in with the stoopid newb questions in a few days, and am planning on updating gains here at the end of every month. Until then, hello to you all, and lets all get our growin’ on!

Welcome to the forum.

>I must be some kind of a freak, becuase the skin on my dick is very loose.<

That isn’t unusual. Guys have varying degrees of skin tightness before PE. Some working room is desirable.

You could dry jelq. Many prefer it. Lube isn’t needed. There are instructions in the Tutorial Forum.


“You could dry jelq.”
I have tried, but I bruise really badly. We’re talking paint-by-numbers-looking. Wet jelq’s seem to stop this from happening, for me at least.


I used to get the bruising from the dry jelqing but once my dick toughened up it stopped. I like the grip of a dry jelq but its all an individual thing. Do what you are most comfortable with and what works for you.

Good luck on your gains.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Update on my routine:

5 min warmup
3x(45 sec stretch down, down-left, down-right)
(straight out V-stretch with fulcrum at base for 30 sec and middle for 30 sec.)
(25 ali(?) stretches (kegel for 2 sec, then pull straight out and reverse-kegel for 2 sec)
rest is same.

Been trying to find a way to get a better grip when stretching, currently using a towel (have done 2 workouts using it), and feel like it is helping. You can really feel those ali stretches (I think that’s what they’re called). Hoping to see gains here in a week, but from what I’ve read, I won’t expect anything till August. It seems that it takes most people a couple months, then they start growing.

400 seems alot, i think maybe ill up mine now

Welcome heltoupee, glad to have you aboard. Don’t worry about loose skin, I have the same thing. I can pull the skin a good 4”. It just means no skin stretching when you grow, and that helps to streamline the whole PE process IMO. Having to stretch skin is a little too odd to me, especially considering how 1950’s family values PE is to begin with.

Which brings me to my second point. If you are doing stretches you should be pulling behind the head so the shaft skin is not being utilized. Secondly the skin can come along the ride for a jelq session as you are moving blood through your penis not the skin.

Hope my mindless zombie like ramblings make sense. If not drink half a bottle of Jack Daniels and try reading every third word. (Works for DW.) :)

Once again welcome.

-Tom “Three eye” Foolery

"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

Originally Posted by Tom Foolery
If not drink half a bottle of Jack Daniels and try reading every third word. (Works for DW.)

“Glad you worry skin. The I, the good just skin you. That streamline PE!”
(Punctuation added for effect)

Hmmm….. very intriguing…. :)

Thanks, everyone. I’ll be posting my first progress report very soon.

Hoping to see the numbers climb a bit. Not noticing anything visually, but I’ve topped my wife out twice now since I’ve started this, and have never been able to do it before, so something is different.

Now there’s a half empty bottle of JD around here someplace with my name on it. Heeeeeere, whiskey whiskey whiskey! ;)

Well, here we go, it being the end of the month and all. First off, I have been following my routine ok. I would probably give myself a B- if I was taking some sort of P.Enl101, as I missed several workouts, and cut some short (hands wear out when stretching, 3rd set is torture!). Didn’t really notice any differences other than what I have stated previously.

Now, the ruler! I edged up once, and then laid wood to, um, wood, I guess…
BPEL = 7” EGmid = 5 1/8” EGbase = 5 1/2”
I was so shocked I had to measure again. yup, and after edging up a second time, the length measurement is a tad conservitive!

I think some of this may be due to measurement errors to start off with, but even so, I am amazed.

So now I’ve just got another inch outward to go, and less than an inch EGmid. And you’d better believe that I’m gonna keep doing my routine EXACTLY the same way I have been. Hopefully no plateaus for awhile (at least all summer). The LOT is still right where it was before, so I believe my strategy should work right.

Any of you vets have advice going into the second month?

This really works!! I just wish I would’ve found this place when I was in college!

Well, alot has happened in the last month and a half, and I am taking an extended hiatus from PE. Mostly, the wife found out, and after talking about it, she convinced me that I am big enough. I was beginning to hurt her. So I guess we were pretty much built for eachother to start out with. Also, let’s face it guys, this is incredibly time consuming, and I’ve begun to want to do other things with my time. Thank you for all the encouragement. Being the skeptic that I am, the hardest part of PE was convincing myself that it actually does work, and I have accomplished that, so now it’s easy to start over again.


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